Boston Go Card and My Segway

We spent 5 days exploring Boston – finishing with the Boston Pops and the spectacular 4th of July Fireworks. Our Boston Go Card helped focus the daily activities because each item on the card became a free event once we paid the $155. We quickly recovered our investment with a four-hour whale watching cruise ($45), a Bean-town trolley tour ($42) and the highlight for me – a one-hour tour on a two-wheeled, stand-up and glide Segway ($60).

What a miracle of fun. After about 3 seconds of catching my balance, and 2 minutes of back and forth practice, I was ready to sail. This experience was way better than water skiing or snow skiing as I had complete control. It was better than biking because it was electric powered. My Segway became my artificial limbs, rolling along the wharfs, up and down the ramps, and gracefully making my way through the crowds of people. I was spinning in circles just for the fun!

We rolled along at up to 10 miles and hour without any effort at all and our guide would have us rally around for topics of interest. We explored about 2 miles along the Boston Harbor. My friends Duncan and Eajan had grins on their faces as wide and freely given as my own. My Segway wastruly the most fun I have ever had on any ride anytime – anywhere.

I only hope I can ride one in my dreams at night. Maybe I should find out how much they cost…?

Oh yes – we also rode the Swan boat in Boston Commons, visited the Science, fine arts, Old Irons Sides, and Isabel Gardner museums, and the Aquarium and Christian Science Maparium. All bonuses on the Go card. I highly recommend it. Now – does anyone have a cure for blisters?


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  1. Posted by Stan Schultz on 2011/08/01 at 12:02 am

    Sounds like a great time. I have wondered what the Segway would be like so I appreciated your review. Thanks Keith.


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