Gage County Historical Society – Seeking Photos

The Beatrice We Remember

The Gage County Historical Society, in cooperation with the Beatrice Public Library, has organized, “The Beatrice We Remember” committee.  The first purpose of this group is to gather pictures, interior and exterior, and stories of businesses and buildings in Beatrice from 1940 to 1970. The first goal will be to find pictures in private collections to put in a book for the all classes reunion to be held June 15, 2012, during Homestead Days.  Gage County Museum Director, Lesa Arterburn wants to encourage those interested in sharing their photographs to make an appointment to have their photograph scanned and take it back home the same day. The Museum encourages the public to donate their photographs to the Museum’s collection to preserve the photograph under archival conditions. The photograph will be catalogued with all information attributed to the photograph. According to Director Arterburn, “A number of the places we remember are now gone, but our memories of those buildings and businesses are alive and well in our memories.”  Arterburn stated that the Museum has very few photographs that include the years between 1940 and 1970. “Photographs taken during our life time are often not respected as history”, stated Arterburn, “oh, but they are and if we do not stop, today, and run to our closets, look in every corner, under our beds and into the attic to retrieve those photographs, they could be lost forever”.  Images can be sent via email or brought into the Museum to be scanned. Many of these images are already lost and this committee is working hard to make sure that the remaining images and stories are recorded not only for this all classes reunion book, but for the future. A list of images needed for this book can be emailed to you upon request. The list is a suggestion of what is needed and not inclusive.  If you would like to send an image via email please make sure it is a 300 dpi scan from the original photograph. For more information on the project please call the Museum at 402-228-1679 or email


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