Blackfoot Redemption

Blackfoot Redemption: A Blood Indian’s Story of Murder, Confinement, and Imperfect Justice By: Barbara Theroux

Fact and Fiction for Mountain West News Nov. 08, 2012

Book by William E. Farr

“Many of our people disappeared in the days of the early reservation. They went away to boarding schools, the army, jail. Some never returned. We didn’t know what happened to them. Spopee was the exception. He came back. But we still didn’t know what had happened or where he had been. Like our chief White Calf and our people who were confined to the reservation in the last days of the buffalo, Spopee too had been unjustly confined. Now, thanks to William Farr, both pitiful stories are told by someone who knows our history well.” —Earl Old Person, Chief of the Blackfeet Nation



via On the Bookshelf.




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