Travel Tips – Debit Cards

Beware using cash cards and debit cards when traveling –

This last week one of our customer shared with us how difficult it was for them to use their cash and debit cards on a recent international trip. We advise people to not take cash cards outside of the U.S. as they can’t often be used despite the marketing language on the cards. Debit cards are also more difficult to use when traveling compared to credit cards. Many car rental companies and some hotels require a credit card to rent and will not allow you to use a debit card. Here are my recommendations when you travel internationally.  
#1 – Call your credit card company – and let them know the countries you will be traveling in and the dates of travel. If you fail to do this credit card companies often will put a freeze on your account when they see a “strange” charge coming in from a foreign land. 
#2 – Take two credit cards – so that if one freezes up you are still ok. 
#3 – Take $100 in cash – for every day you are traveling. The U.S. dollar is still the king of the world and can be used in many major cities. 
#4 – Take a copy of the front and back of your credit cards – and leave a copy with a trusted friend in case they are lost or stolen during your trip. This gives you an easy way to contact your bank and cancel the old card and get a new card. 
#5 – Use an ATM to access local currency – Yes, you will pay extra fees but it sure relieves a lot of stress of carrying around thousands of dollars of local currency by simply getting out a few hundred dollars every time you need more dough. 
#6 – Charge everything you can on your credit card – This is the safest and cheapest way to pay for anything internationally. The currency conversion rates are best when using your credit card. 
#7 – Avoid using currency exchange booths like the plague – They will charge you fees and rates that can cost as much as 25% to exchange your dollars for local currency.

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