Gathering Place is a Winner

Gathering Place is a Winner — As mentioned
briefly last week, the Gathering Place is one of the
four winners to get a grand-prize clean-up, from
Scrubbing Bubbles®, as part of their mission to clean
America, one deserving mess at a time. According to
the website, Scrubbing Bubbles® will help the
Gathering Place clean, so they can keep their focus
on serving warm meals, and keeping this growing,
evolving community together. Feeding the
community is a labor of love for the dedicated
volunteers and staff of The Gathering Place,
especially for those who have grown up giving back
there. And as Lincoln’s population flourishes, more
and more people rely on this 31-year-old soup
kitchen. This soup kitchen serves over 30,000 meals
each year to the inhabitants of its low-income Near-
South neighborhood. Read more at:  

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