Work as a Lancaster County Poll Worker

Lancaster County Poll Worker Information

Are you a civic minded person willing to serve the voters of Lancaster County for about $100.00 in extra spending money for each Election you serve? The Lancaster County Election Commission is seeking responsible voters willing to serve as Poll Workers on Election Day in Lincoln and Lancaster County.

On Election Day up to 1000 volunteers serve on 193 Election Boards – so new volunteers are needed and always welcome. Age is an asset not a limitation. While workers serve from 7:00 a.m. to about 8:30 p.m. they are part of a team with 4 or more other Poll workers – so they always have support.

Once an individual applies to serve, they will be invited to attend a PAID 90 minute Board Worker Training Session prior to each State wide election.  At Training a Manual will be issued to each worker – so they will be well prepared for Election Day Service.

To apply call Tom Baumann at 402-441-7054 to request an application by mail. To see more information or download a Poll Worker Application, log on to our web site: Mail your completed application to:     The Lancaster County Election Commission,   601N. 46th St., Lincoln, NE 68503

Q. Can a person come in to the Election Commission and ask a working to print out a copy? Some of my readers don’t have the internet…?
A. Absolutely.  We welcome anyone at our office, and always have a supply of Poll Worker applications on hand, as well as a supplemental information sheet that provides more information.   Of course we will answer any questions a potential applicant may have, and the information sheet allows a person to take information home.  Applicants may complete our short application form when visiting our office, or take a form with them to complete and return to us either in person or by mail using a pre-paid envelope that we will provide.

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