Give birds access to unfrozen water

Water is crucial, and scarce, in winter. Though food is scarce in winter, dehydration can be a bigger threat to birds than starvation. Fewer non-frozen sources of water exist. Though birds can eat snow, it takes much more precious energy for a bird to eat snow and warm it to body temperature than it does for them to drink unfrozen water. Water is not only important for hydration, but it also helps birds preen their feathers. Without proper preening, birds’ feathers won’t stay positioned and aligned. Feathers out of alignment in winter create gaps in insulation, which makes birds lose body heat faster.

Birds may have to fly great distances in winter to find unfrozen water sources. Some birds take advantage of unfrozen sections in rivers or swift streams, but these are rare in some areas. Some birds take advantage of open water in lakes or ponds due to human aeratiing.

We can give birds access to unfrozen water right in our backyards by providing a heated birdbatch. Or, we can use an existing birdbath and add a heating element. Most of these units turn on and off automatically when temperatures dip below freezing. Wintering birds have done quite well in order to survive the coldest months. They’ve also learned to rely heavily upon humans for food, water, and roosting spots. The more we chip in and help, the better their chances of survival.

20% OFF all Heated birdbaths and birdbath heaters! 

(Offer expires 11/22/14)

1742 N. 48th Street, Lincoln NE 68504


Nebraska Outdoor Living Center, Inc.


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