Lincoln Airport Offers Tips for Holiday Travelers

Lincoln Airport Offers Tips for Holiday Travelers 

The holiday season is here and that means more travelers moving through the Lincoln Airport. Thanksgiving week is historically one of the busiest times of year for air travel. Dave Haring, Executive Director of the Lincoln Airport, expects holiday travel to pick up Tuesday and Wednesday November 25th and 26th. The busiest travel days of the year are the Sunday and Monday following Thanksgiving. Passenger boarding’s at the Lincoln Airport are up about 1 percent in 2014, and Haring believes that trend will continue to grow through the holiday season.

“The Lincoln Airport is easy to get in and out of, with convenient parking and short security lines,” said Haring. “But this time of year it’s always a great idea to plan ahead to help mitigate any unforeseen circumstances that could arise.”

Haring says there are some things to keep in mind to help make your journey go smoothly:

 Allow more time to park, check luggage and go through security. In Lincoln, arrive at least 60-90 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time. Travelers with returning flights to Lincoln from larger cities may want to get to those airports even earlier.

 Check gifts or other packages with your luggage, if possible. Do not wrap any gifts or other items that are carried onto the plane. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents may need to inspect them.

 It is best to pack food items in checked luggage. TSA regulations allow some food items in carry-on bags, but TSA agents have the final say on whether to allow items on planes.

 Pay attention to the weather and flight schedules. Winter storms at connecting hub airports can delay arrivals and departures in Lincoln and elsewhere across the country.

Travelers can find the latest updates on flight schedules and information on parking and airport services at More specific information regarding security regulations and procedures is available at

Lincoln Airport Authority
Phone – 402-458-2400 

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