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I met C. Michael Anderson in prison over 30 years ago and have read his book transcript regarding how he believes he was framed. The book is believable. Parole board does not retry cases. I understand that, but Mike is a fine person. I wish the Parole board would meet with him and talk with prison staff on his behalf at a hearing. What could it hurt? He should not have to pay for the sins of others (See story) The board can still deny commutaion after meeting him -keith —–>

Story summary – In separate 3-0 votes, the board rejected requests for formal hearings by (..) Michael Anderson, who was convicted in the murder-for-hire of an Omaha real estate broker in 1975.

Both men initially were sentenced to die but later received life sentences following court appeals.

If formal hearings had been set in the men’s cases, the board would have listened to their arguments and possibly commuted their sentences to a term of years, thus creating the chance of being released on parole.

About a dozen people attended in support of Anderson, now 63. He was convicted of hiring Peter Hochstein to kill his boss, real estate broker Ron Abboud.

Attorney Mark Porto of Grand Island said that Anderson was an ideal candidate for a commutation because he was a model inmate and had served 38 years behind bars. Porto said that because of Anderson’s advancing age, he would be unlikely to commit another crime and could develop health issues that would be an expense to the state.

Porto pointed to a study by the Omaha-based think tank the Platte Institute, which Ricketts helped found, that recommended one way to cut prison spending was to consider “geriatric” parole of elderly inmates.

The board, though, voted no.

Porto said he volunteers for the Nebraska Innocence Project, which seeks the release of those wrongly convicted. He said a writer is researching Anderson’s case and has found “significant concerns” about his guilt.

But because it’s so difficult to win a new trial after 38 years, Porto said, Anderson’s best route for release would be through the Pardons Board.

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Nebraska Pardons Board has 2 new members but similar results: Hearings rejected for 2 murderers – Crime & Courts.


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  1. Posted by Larry Mozer on 2015/04/07 at 10:37 am

    I too have know Michael Anderson for over 30 years. I meet with him quarterly along with another clergy member. Mike is a spiritual person with good values. I believe he is innocent but unfortunately getting a new trial is near to impossible 38 years later although if the innocence project finds a smoking gun then you never know. I wish the parole board would have given him the opportunity to pled his case for commutation. I know they won’the look at the evidence showing his innocence as they don’t deal with that. His attorney had an excellent case (not based on if he did it) for holding the hearing. It was a disappointing vote as it wasn’t based on Mike’s merit but the board’s rigid policy of not granting hearings on first degree murder convictions. They could at least give him the hearing. It doesn’t mean they have to grant him the commutation.


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