Detour Awareness – $73 Fine so know the speed limits.

I carefully routed myself around the 27th and O Street detour but got caught with a fine. Why?  J Street is a neighborhood street.

I think I’d best admit there were many times (shhh) that I did NOT get caught so I will gladly pay up. However, if YOU wish to save $73 for going 35 in a 25 mph zone, know your streets.

I got this nice letter from the police chief and have his permission to share.

Mr. Larsen, 
It is unfortunate that you received a citation.  When a roadway must be closed, Public Works establishes a detour route that we strongly encourage motorist to use.  The detour is set up to direct and guide motorist so as to facilitate the movement of traffic in the most efficient and direct way that it possibly can.  When roadways do become closed not all motorist chose to follow the detour signs and chose to take shortcuts and a lot of times these are through residential streets.  Unfortunately this generates complaints about speeding, reckless driving, vehicles getting struck as they are parked on the street and near misses with residents crossing their streets.  Neighborhoods in turn want the police department to make people follow the detour signs and to quit speeding in their neighborhoods.
Officers are responding to neighborhood complaints in this situation and are trying to ensure that vehicles are not speeding through the neighborhood.  If you received a citation for $73 this more than likely means that you were traveling through the neighborhood between 6 & 10 mph over the speed limit.  This is not a speed that generally an officer would be issuing a warning on when he/she is responding to neighborhood complaints about speeding.
I can certainly see if Public Works would have an interest in installing more speed limit signage along J street.  However, as a general rule, they try not to heavily populate streets with speed limit signs and hope/encourage motorist will follow the established detours.
It is always disappointing and frustrating to receive a citation and yes I have gotten them also.  I’m hopeful that maybe to can understand, a little bit, the frustration on the other side of this issue.
Jim Peschong, Chief of Police

-keith – When asked, Chief did share the details of his citation. It is nice that he has a sense of humor and is willing to share. -keith

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