BOOK REVIEW “Another Boring Day in Paradise”

Fast-Paced Tale of Retirement Dream Turned Nightmare

Review by Linda Stephen for Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper

It’s summer in Nebraska and the perfect time to stretch out on the patio or the beach to read an adventure book set in the tropics. In Another Boring Day in Paradise, retiree couple John and Liz plan to move to the Bahamas and invest their savings in a new business there. When they meet the irrepressible Sybille, who runs a block of apartments, the husband and wife team decide to put their trust in this stranger in order to grasp the opportunity of a lifetime. With a lifestyle only dreamed of, Liz still worries that their new business partner Sybille is not to be fully trusted.

I questioned the naïveté of John and Liz to invest in a property without first doing any background checks and found Sybille to have too many evil habits to be believable. Still, the story is a fast, entertaining read as John and Liz encounter swindles, drug smugglers, kidnapping, sharks and more.

Another Boring Day in Paradise was inspired by the author’s real-life investment mistakes in the Bahamas and is a warning to watch out for promises – or places – that seem too good to be true. “Another Boring Day in Paradise” by Malcolm Roscow, 217 pages, $11.95, paperback (Austin McCauley, 2015).

Linda Stephen is a writer and artist in Lincoln. See an exhibit of her origami art landscapes through August 14 at the Nebraska Governor’s Mansion 1425 H Street.

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