Rotary 14 helped Fund Jim Ager Golf course for kids – 50 years ago

Rotary’s Role in the Junior Golf Course — In the early 1960s, the land along Antelope Creek near Normal Boulevard was undeveloped and a proposal was made to turn it into a junior golf course (where kids get preferred status to play over adults!). Our Lincoln Rotary Club #14 President at the time was Joyce Ayres and he took on the job of raising the money for the golf course under the umbrella of his role as our Rotary leader.

Joyce was President in 1963-64 when the funds were raised and the golf course was built….and then opened in 1965…..thus this past weekend was the 50th anniversary of the opening. There is a plaque mounted on a rock near the south door of the golf course club house noting Joyce Ayres’ leadership and the involvement of our Rotary club.

We had no foundation at the time so every dollar had to be raised from scratch…..a tough job. All Rotarians should be proud of past accomplish-ments such as this, and recognize the lasting legacy of projects we have and will continue to fund through our Club #14 Foundation.

— submitted by Roger Ludemann

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