ID theft: 8 crucial steps to defend yourself

This is a good overview of ID theft and a quick read.  Read quick and then ignore at your RISK. -keith

———> You toss old bills in the trash. You hand the store clerk your debit card. You quickly provide information during a phone call from your bank.

These everyday actions may seem fairly harmless. But they may all lead to identity theft. And that’s a crime that’s occurring more and more often.

In fact, ID theft tops the list of complaints received by the Federal Trade Commission. And for its victims, it may have distressing, serious consequences.

Their gain, your pain

The goal of identity thieves is to gather your personal information — and use it for their personal gain. For instance, they might:

Open a bank account in your name — and then write bad checks

Clone your debit card and drain your bank account

Give your name to the police during an arrest

Full story via ID theft: 8 crucial steps to defend yourself | UnitedHealthcare®.

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