Osteoarthritis: 5 ways to be good to your joints

Ease pressure on joints with these must-read tips There are steps that can help you manage it and cope.
What is osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis usually results from the wear and tear that affects joints as we age. It most often occurs in the fingers, knees and hips. What you can do Here are five sensible and kind ways to look after your joints — and start feeling better:
Full story here –> Source: Healthy Mind Healthy Body®: Osteoarthritis: 5 ways to be good to your joints


1. Take a team approach. Work closely with your doctor on a treatment plan

2. Start moving. Regular activity may actually reduce pain.

3. Choose foods for the cause. A varied, healthy diet can help you get the nutrients that are important for joint health,

4. Get plenty of rest. When you’re tired, arthritis pain may get worse.

5. Take a warm shower or bath. Let warm water work its magic on stiff joints and tight muscles.


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