10 Awesome Baby Boomer Blogs and Bloggers

Like fine wine, some people get better with age. These baby boomer bloggers share powerful stories and perspectives in their blog posts.

Source: 10 Awesome Baby Boomer Blogs and Bloggers

Elaine professes that “laughter – with wine – is the best medicine” and continues to entertain her audiences in her comedic blog.


passion for travel and started a travel blog, The Roaming Boomers.

In her Coming of Age blog, she explores how her generation is meeting the challenge of getting older, whether in their livelihood, caring for loved ones, battling ageism or just everyday obstacles.

Grey Fox blog offers a fashion and style blog to help men over forty decide what to wear and how to dress

‘Geek Grandma,’  Grandmother Diaries.

This senior ‘sexpert’ Better Than I Ever Expected talks out lout about senior sex as an advocate for ageless sexuality.

Aging and Parkinson’s and Me dealing with aging obstacles to share experiences and gain strength and hope.

life for women aged 50 and beyond, A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50, .

cooking expertise in this deliciously artful blog, Lavender and Lovage


Peg’s Wonderful World has fun posts discussing timeless and not-so-timeless aging.


Here is a site with a collection of blogs by senior citizens that is also inspiring and worth a read: Time Goes By: What It’s Really Like to Get Old


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