Omaha Brothers Diagnosed With Muscular Dystrophy Need New Van

Two Omaha brothers have a lot in common. They both excel in school, they share a room they decorated together, and they both get around their home using motorized wheelchairs. The two also desperately realize their van, that allows them to get to school and their activities, is falling apart. Having a new one would make life much easier for both them, and their mother. Now, they just need to find the funds to get it.

Full story Source: Omaha Brothers Diagnosed With Muscular Dystrophy Need New Van


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  1. Posted by Wendy Lundeen on 2015/12/09 at 10:58 pm

    Thank you, Keith for printing the story about my grandsons. They are so precious to me and I want to see them travel safely about. They are witty, charming, loving and inseparable. I want the best for them for as long as we have them! Great story Channel 6 did on the 8th of December! Thanks again!


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