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Make a Donation today to the

“Make the Malone Center Greater Fund”

As 2015 comes to a close we want to thank you for supporting the Malone Center, our children, youth, the families we serve, and the programs we provide.  Overall, this has been a good year for the Malone Community Center. We restarted our Early Childhood Education Center, held a very successful Symposium on African American  Art, Culture and History, had record enrollment in our Out-of-School Program, instituted a Healthy Lifestyle emphasis in all of our programming, renewed our Domestic Violence Outreach Program, and continued to make progress in updating and renovating our facility.

We received substantial gifts and grants from the Goldwin Foundation, the Cooper  Foundation, Humanities Nebraska, Lincoln Arts Council, the Abel Foundation, Lancaster County Human Services, Hampton Family Enterprises, Building Strong Families, Lincoln Community Foundation, and gifts from the estates of Mr. Harlan Layton and Mrs. Malone-Frees. We are so thankful for this support.

We have much to do, and we need your support today.

I am asking each of the over 2,000 subscribers to this newsletter to make a final donation in 2015 to the “Make the Malone Community Center Greater Fund”. We need  your help to pay off our indebtedness for our Heating and AC system and to provide general operating funds for the Center.

Please consider making such a donation today before the end of the calendar year.

You can send your tax deductive check to the Malone Center at 2032 U Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68503, “Make Malone Center Greater Fund” or you can donate online by simply clicking on the link.

Help us continue to grow, improve our programming, and update our facility with a generous contribution today. Let’s make the Malone Community Center even greater.

Finally from our Malone Center Family, we wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and the best in the New Year!!

Larry Williams
Executive Director

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