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Nebraska Folklife Network

Happy Holidays Everyone!
There are many celebrations going on this time of year and people celebrate in many different ways. We’d love to hear about some of your traditions!

It’s also the end of the year and we’d like to thank you for your support in 2015. We had a great year and we’re very much looking forward to our work in 2016. We know there’s a lot of end-of-year giving requests coming your way right now, but we’d like you to keep the NFN in mind when giving this year. Without support from individuals like you we certainly couldn’t do the work we do! You understand the importance of documenting cultural traditions, supporting traditional artists, and educating children about different cultures.
Just to give you an idea, here’s an estimate of the costs to create just one cultural education kit:
– Interviews and materials – $700
– Thank-you honorariums for cultural interviews – $25 x 10 interviewees
– Time spent researching the culture or cultures depicted – $300
– Time spent writing and editing materials – $200
– Travel for research and interviews – $150
= $1,600 per trunk

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