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Please use care on N Street. Bikes are going 2 directions on this one-way street.

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See the video here–> Source: | Planning > Bike Lincoln > N Street Bikeway

Construction has begun on the City’s “N” Street Cycle Track. The project includes the installation of a new two-way bikeway on the south side of “N” Street from Pinnacle Bank Arena Drive to 23rd Street. The project is scheduled to be completed soon.

Work will begin on the blocks between Canopy and 10th streets. Lane closures will primarily impact the south lanes of “N” Street and the intersection of 8th and “N” streets. As work is completed, construction will progress toward the east. Vehicle traffic lanes will reopen as the bike lanes are completed, but the protected bikeway will not be available until the entire project is completed.

The project is funded with both public and private sources, including a donation of $340,000 from the Great Plains Trails Network.


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