THE GOSPEL HEIRS will travel and Sing for you

THE GOSPEL HEIRS are a music ministry that will come to your church or nursing home and sing and bring the Gospel of Jesus to your location FREE of charge. To have us come to you please contact Paul at 402-721-3659.

Dear Keith;
 My name is Paul Chatterton and I am from Fremont and I found your paper at RUSS’s SUPERMARKET. The reason I am writing you is that I have a music/ministry group called THE GOSPEL HEIRS. We go to churches and nursing homes and play,sing and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do not charge any money for doing this. What I am asking you is if you would place a small add for FREE for us so that we could go to other churches and nursing homes for free and bring our ministry to them.  Here is an example of our add but you are free to change the wording if you like.
Thank You in advance


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