book – Time for Me: Daily Practice for a Joyful, Peaceful, Purposeful Life

By Ruth Fishel with Illustrations by Bonny Van de Kamp

“Ruth has struck gold once again. Her newest book, Time for Me, reads like a gentle invitation to both old readers and new ones alike to grab hold of the idea that changeany change that would be beneficial to makeis always possible. 

She lays out the process for making the change in a clear, simple way. 

Nothing is too hard when taken in small bites, a week at a time. This 

book is sure to be a winner among those folks who have not given 

up on the idea that we are never too old to change.

Karen Casey, author of Each Day a New Beginning and Living Long, Living Passionately 

Deerfield Beach, FL, January 27, 2016 ─ Before taking off on an airplane the flight attendant will say, “put your oxygen mask on before you help someone else,” as a reminder that you will not be good to anyone else if you are unable to take care of yourself first. In Time for Me: Daily Practice for a Joyful, Peaceful, Purposeful Life (HCI Books—January 2016–$14.95), Ruth Fishel acknowledges the letdown feeling people tend to get when they have high hopes for something, and fail to understand or accept that change usually takes time. The purpose of Time for Me is renewal and re-energizing one’s self, in order to reach self-actualization and fulfillment. Ned Bellamy, author of Spiritual Values for Our Time states that Ruth’s advice “…is illustrated and dramatized by hundreds of wonderful stories and quotes from the wisdom tradition, worth collecting and savoring in their own right.” 

Time for Me is designed for a person to go at their own pace, and take everything one week or longer at a time. The seeds of all human characteristics are within us—good and bad—the ones that grow are the ones we nurture, and that is why the wisdom in Time for Me is designed to be practiced every day. The concept of “change your thoughts, change your life” is not new—in fact, it is a popular concept. Over 2,600 years ago, the Buddha discovered that our thoughts create our feelings. The bestselling author Thich Naht Hahn also teaches the need to change our thinking in order to create a better life, and there are many, many others. This is Ruth’s unique approach to applying this principle in order to create new thought patterns and automatic, positive responses. 

Time for Me is different because it contains wisdom that really works. We have the ability to rewire and create new neural circuits in our brains, and the more we practice something new, the more we can form new neural pathways with each repetition. In time, these new pathways become deeper than the ones made by our old habits and they become automatic. That means, if we were to practice all this week thoughts such as ‘I am happy’ or ‘I am calm,’ we would be more apt to return to them when we feel otherwise. 

Highlights from the book include: 

• Time for Me is a personal practice book—not a workbook—laid out in a weekly format to be practiced daily. It features a very simple Three-Step Method: 

~    Mindfulness: Only by being aware of our thoughts can we change them. 

~    Universal Energy: Call it God, spiritual energy, Higher Power, Buddha energy, Allah, whatever you choose to call a Power greater than yourself that you feel connected to. 

~    Power of Our Thoughts: Based on our new scientific understanding of neuroplasticity and neuro-pathways, we have the power to change our thoughts and thought patterns. 

• Time for Me includes 49 chapters that all begin with the title “Time for” 

~    Time for Peace 

~    Time for Authenticity 

~    Time for Forgiveness 

~    Time for Gratitude 

~    Time for Stillness 

~    Time for Slowing Down 

~    Time for Enlightenment 

~    Time for Friendship 

~    Time for Change 

•Time for Me has Eight Empowering Steps to Change 

1. Willingness: Look at “Time for” subject of the week. 

2. We can pray for the willingness to make this change to whatever we believe is a power greater than ourselves. 

3. We need an intention: An intention is very powerful. It is the energy that takes us to our next step. Once we feel this intention, we can move on. 

4. We make our commitment: Our intention comes from our head. Our commitment comes from our heart. 

5. We can affirm our commitment: We can create an affirmation such as “It feels so good to know that God is giving me all that I need to be a forgiving person.” 

6. An Action Step: The energy of affirmation pushes us to an action step. 

7. Practice: The more the action step is practiced, the more it will become natural. 

8. Results: Feeling great and change. 

About the Author 

Ruth Fishel is an acclaimed author of inspirational books that have sold nearly a million copies, including A Time for Joy, Change Almost Anything in 21 Days, and The Journey Within. As the cofounder and former director of Serenity, Inc., she now teaches, writes and presents workshops and retreats throughout the country, helping people become whole and healthy using the tools of meditation, affirmations, and visualizations. Anda Peterson, author of Walks with Yogi: The Enlightenment Experiment, states that, “Ruth Fishel writes with clarity so that the principles she explains are easily understood. Her concise and lively writing is positive and uplifting!” Please visit her website at: 

Available wherever books are sold or to order directly from the publisher, contact: or (800) 441-5569 

Time for Me: Daily Practice for a Joyful, Peaceful, Purposeful Life 

Ruth Fishel 

ISBN: 9780757318863 

$14.95 – January 2016


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