40 sentences every child should hear | Family and parenting – BabaMail

A large part of our childhood memories are connected to small but important moments we remember for many years to come. Not because of what occurred but because of how we felt. Some made us angry or lonely, while others made us hopeful, made us laugh and feel optimistic. Compliments and simple words of encouragement have a lasting effect on the way our children and grandchildren will see the world. Some of the simplest and shortest words can make them feel better about themselves and continue to encourage them through hard times as well.  Below are 40 compliments and encouragements every child or grandchild needs to hear. They are simple to say, but will stay with them for years, we promise

Source: 40 sentences every child should hear | Family and parenting – BabaMail

A sample –

1. You make me proud every day.
2. Your ideas are wonderful.
3. I’m happy I’m your parent/grandparent.
4. You don’t need to be perfect to be a terrific person.
5. It’s important to me to hear what you think about this.
6. I believe you.

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