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Cartoon Character Trivia They raced across your TV screen—creating chaos, solving mysteries and occasionally teaching lessons. But how well do you know your animated friends? Test your know-how with our cartoon character trivia!

Which 1970s cartoon taught grammar lessons you could sing to?
Actor Daws Butler was responsible for the distinctive Southern drawl of what blue-hued pooch?
What once-silent cartoon feline was the first balloon to appear in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Which cute flapper girl character was modeled after 1920s singing sensation Helen Kane?
The characters of what classic cartoon have earned five Academy Awards for best cartoon short?
While in development, the canine star of which series was going to be a sheepdog named Too Much?
What Stone Age family still appears on cereal boxes?
Which two lifelong frenemies swam alongside Esther Williams in the 1953 movie Dangerous When Wet? Time’s up, pencils down!

Click below for the answers to this month’s cartoon character trivia!
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Source: Cartoon Character Trivia | Time Capsule Trivia | Pop Culture — Reminisce

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