Marie Jakl – Artist Biography – Art history research project

“Information wanted for an Art and History research project about the Omaha artist Marie Jakl. (Sept 8, 1890-Jan 1, 1983)
Locations of her paintings?
Location of her antique doll collection?
Collecting information for the Museum of Nebraska Artists in Kearney. Contact, Pat. 402-318-8222 or crowruns   at

Jakl, Marie (1890 Omaha, Nebraska-1983 Omaha, Nebraska)   Born in Omaha as the youngest child of Bohemian parents, Marie Jakl was a recognized fine art painter in Omaha beginning in the 1940s. However, after her death in 1983, her name and artwork faded from public attention.

Several decades later, thanks to Pat Halderman, researcher from Lincoln, Nebraska, interest in Marie Jakl is reviving. After learning about her, Halderman concluded: “she was the most amazing woman! She was successful in everything she did and was very involved with the Omaha community.
In addition to being an artist, she created a sophisticated collection of historically valuable dolls, and was recognized locally and nationally for her garden-club activities with flowers and landscape architecture.”
Much of the following text is based on information shared by Halderman, who began her quest with a letter to the Lincoln Artists’ Guild, October 24, 2014: “I am trying to find information on a member of the Guild.
Read on for more at the Source: Marie Jakl – Artist Biography for Marie Jakl

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