8 Things to Do About Mild Cognitive Impairment

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  • Carry with you and use either a smart phone with a calendar and note taking function or a paper calendar version, like a Day-Timer.
  • Practice remembering things by telling yourself what you’re going to do before and during the action. (I am going to call John now. Now I am calling John.)
  • Develop neater habits so you have less clutter and are able to store and find things in routine places.
  • Practice focusing and paying attention: for example, to people as they introduce themselves
  • Do some brain training: Learn to play chess, do hard puzzles, talk about books with friends.
  • Change your diet to Mediterranean, MIND, or DASH diets
  • Ask your doctor about how much exercise you should be getting and then do it.
  • Maintain a healthy weight to avoid diabetes and hyper tension. Both conditions are connected to cognitive declines.

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Source: 8 Things to Do About Mild Cognitive Impairment


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