14 Easy Ways to Save Gas & Money | Tips and Updates – BabaMail

What most people don’t know is that by making just a few changes to the way they drive, they will save both gas and money. For example:

6. No need to top it off – 
You may think that it’s smart to give that one extra squeeze to the fuel pump, but that extra squeeze will mostly go to waste. Excess gas goes back to the station’s pumps to prevent spillage, and an overfilled tank loses gas to vapor leakage and spills.

7. Idle cars are the devil’s playthings – 

Idling your car is illegal in many places, and if it isn’t where you live, it should be. If you leave your car running while you know you’re going to be staying in place, even for a couple of minutes, it should be enough reason to turn that key and stop the engine. An idling car wastes gas, shortens the vehicle’s lifespan and pollutes the environment for no reason.


Source: 14 Easy Ways to Save Gas & Money | Tips and Updates – BabaMail

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