10 Scientific Steps to Raise Happy Children – BabaMail

I really adore my grandchildren, and there are many things I hope they will succeed at, but the one thing in particular that I wish for is their happiness. According to Dr. Christine Carter, PhD  (Amazon.com), a child happiness expert, “more than two-thirds of adults say they are ‘extremely concerned’ about the well-being of children.” Luckily, there are many proactive methods we can use to ensure our little lovelies are well-rounded and perfectly happy children. Have a look at this list of 10 important things that science has demonstrated we can do to give the children true happiness.

Details here: 10 Scientific Steps to Raise Happy Children | Family and parenting – BabaMail


1. Start with yourself: be happy!
2. Show them how to build friendships
3. Encourage effort, but don’t expect perfection
4. Be positive and optimistic
5. Show them how to “Empathize, Label and Validate”
6. Make good happiness habits
7. Teach to be self-disciplined
8. Encourage more and more playtime
9. Create a perfect environment for their happiness
10. Eat meals together


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