4 ways we get better with age – United Health Care

Older, yes. Wiser, you bet. How about happier too?

Do you tend to think of getting older as a to-be-expected decline? Well, there’s plenty of reason to look up.

In fact, here’s something to keep in mind: For many people, midlife and beyond may be some of their best years yet. Here are four good reasons why:

1. Optimism helps light the way – Research shows that as people grow older they’re more likely to have optimistic attitudes than those in younger age groups. They also tend to experience fewer emotional storms — and enjoy greater inner peace.

A tip for the ages: Focus on the positives in your life. One simple way to do this is with gratitude. For example, create a journal to note things you’re grateful for — both big and small.

2. Mixing and mingling come easier – By midlife, many people feel more confident in social situations — and more comfortable with who they are. And that’s a big plus for building relationships, a key to healthy aging. When you have people you can turn to for support and companionship, it can be a buffer against feeling lonely or depressed.

A tip for the ages: Reach out to family and friends regularly. And make an effort to make new pals. Volunteering in your community is a great way to meet people. And you can feel good about what you’re doing too.

3. Wisdom grows with time – After decades of experience, many people find they’re better at:

  • Adapting to career and life changes
  • Coping with a crisis
  • Making good financial decisions

A tip for the ages: Let your years boost your confidence. When faced with challenges, remind yourself of all you’ve managed in the past. And consider sharing your experience by being a mentor.

4. Curiosity is ageless – Learning new things can be revitalizing — and help keep your brain and memory sharp. Maybe that’s building furniture, starting a blog, studying a new language or taking up salsa dancing.* And if you have kids, they may be more independent now. That may mean you have more free time for new pursuits too.

A tip for the ages: You may find that your interests and preferences change over time. So be open to new endeavors that may be worth a try.

LightbulbWhat to do next – Set your sights on brighter days ahead. Envision the future you want with these 7 strategies for setting and working toward goals.

*Talk with your doctor before significantly increasing your activity level.


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