How to Prepare a “Life After Me” Document

With estate planning in place, many boomers are creating a “Life After Me” document which allows them to say goodbye to family and friends.

Here is just one section so please follow the link for what to include and more. -keith —->

Where to Keep the Document

  • Keep an electronic copy on your computer – and label the document “Open Upon My Death” – you could even include a video file for your loved ones where you can say your goodbye personally
  • Keep a hard copy in a sealed envelope – labeled “Open Upon My Death” (include your name on the front) –  in your bureau or desk at home
  • Remember to tell your loved one(s) that the “Life After Me” document exists and where to find it, and also instruct them to open it only upon your death

Source: How to Prepare a “Life After Me” Document

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