The Durham Museum

“American Spirits: Prohibition and Homebrew Adventure”
Omaha Durham Museum Come step back in time to an era of flappers and suffragists, bootleggers and temperance workers, and real-life legends like Al Capone and Carrie Nation. Experience the Prohibition Era through more than 100 rare artifacts, including official documents, fashions and even a recreated speakeasy!
“Homebrew: A Spirited History of Omaha” recounts the days of Omaha’s Krug, Metz and Storz breweries.
Omaha has always been a “Beer Town.” See how the brewing industry had great implications on Omaha in the Prohibition Era. Next, it’s lunch at Valentino’s Buffet followed by a tour of the Deer Springs Winery (sampling
on your own). Located on a beautiful and historic farm site.

Source: The Durham Museum

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