Chilling Reincarnation Stories: Children Who Lived Before | Reader’s Digest

– Do you believe in reincarnation? Please tell me why?   -keith —–

Professor Jim Tucker thinks that past lives are possible. Here are three startling accounts of children who may have been reincarnated.

Readers Digest is the Source: Chilling Reincarnation Stories: Children Who Lived Before | Reader’s Digest

Today 24 percent of Americans—or more than 75 million people—across all religions believe in reincarnation, according to a Pew Forum on 
Religion & Public Life poll;
a separate survey reports that roughly one in ten people can recall his or her own past life.


— The children in the UVA collection typically began talking about their previous lives when they were two or three years old and stopped by the age of six or seven.

— Close to three quarters of the cases investigated by the team are “solved,” meaning that a person from the past matching the child’s memories is identified. In addition, nearly 20 percent of the kids in the UVA cases have naturally occurring marks or impairments that match scars and injuries on the past person.

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