Lincoln Parking Rates increase at Park & Go


Several City parking rate changes will take effect Tuesday, January 3, 2017.  City garage rates and short-term metered parking (two hours or less) will increase from $1 to $1.25 per hour.  The rate for long-term parking (five- and ten-hour meters) will decrease to $.75 per hour. The first hour of parking in all City garages remains free.

Wayne Mixdorf, Lincoln Parking Manager, said the increases are needed to fund increased maintenance and renovation costs for Lincoln’s parking system.  He said City parking garage hourly rates have not increased since 2002.  The changes were approved as part of the City budget.

Parking Services will offer a special discount on I-Park Cards purchased in December and January.  Customers who purchase a $30 I-Park Card will receive $45 worth of parking, instead of the usual $36 worth of parking.  I-Park Cards can be purchased at the Park and Go Office, 850 “Q” Street, and they can be reloaded online at

For more information, call Parking Services at 402-441-7275 or visit

Source: ePay Services – Park & Go

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