12 Pieces of Useful Advice My Grandma Gave Me | Spirituality – BabaMail

Source: 12 Pieces of Useful Advice My Grandma Gave Me | Spirituality – BabaMail

My beloved grandmother, may she rest in peace, used to carry an old notebook with her wherever she went. She would fill it with beautiful thoughts and advice she got from wise people. Throughout my childhood I would see her writing things down in that little notebook.

I always thought they were her secrets, but when she was on her deathbed, she called me over and shared her old notebook with me. The pieces of advice I found in that notebook changed my life, which made me want to share them with you, hoping it would do the same. These are the things my grandmother taught me before she passed away…

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1. Accept things with love and understanding

2. Life CAN be simple

3. Don’t change for other people

4. You’re not who you were – and that’s okay

5. Everything that happens is for the best

6. Choose happiness, not wealth

7. Decide to be positive

8. Give the people you love your full attention

9. Learn to set a loved one free

10. Sometimes, you need to leave people behind

11. Some things you only understand when you’re older

12. Stop looking for a happy ending

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