By June 30th – Apply for Nebraska Homestead Exemption

Source: Nebraska Homestead Exemption


Lancaster County citizens age 65 and older who qualify for a homestead property tax exemption are encouraged to apply through the County Assessor’s Office by June 30.  Both the Assessor’s Office and Aging Partners can help answer questions about the program, which is designed to help older adults stay in their homes by providing partial or total property tax relief.  The exemption also is available to younger people with qualifying disabilities.
To qualify for a homestead exemption, at least one homeowner must meet these requirements:

  • Be 65 years of age or older before January 1 of the application year.
  • Own and occupy a homestead continuously from January 1 through August 15.
  • Meet household income limits.

The amount of the property tax relief available depends on the value of the home and the household income.  Medical and dental expenses are deducted to determine adjusted household income.  A couple could have a 2016 adjusted household income of $48,200 or less and receive some property tax relief, depending on the value of their home.
Individuals must apply for a homestead exemption every year to receive the benefit.  Homestead exemption forms are mailed by the County Assessor’s Office in February to those who applied for the exemption in the prior year.
For more information about the program, call Aging Partners at 402-441-7070 or the County Assessor’s Office at 402-441-7463.  Application forms are available from the County Assessor’s office at 555 S. 10th Street, room 102, or online at (search for “homestead”).

More information on Aging Partners is available at  More information on the County Assessor’s Office is available at


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