Amateur Radio Field Day –  for Lincoln, NE

Any Hams out there.

Source: Amateur Radio Field Day – News, Weather and Sports for Lincoln, NE;

Lincoln Amateur Radio Club. They’re broadcasting live, from Mahoney Park, testing their emergency capabilities.

Amateur Radio Field Day is a nationwide event, allowing nearly 30,000 amateur broadcasters to practice their skills across the nation. People of all skill levels were invited to participate at Mahoney Park.

Mike Walsh, the co-chair of the event, said, “We let anybody that would like to communicate and, you know, experience a contact do that. If you want to try a contact we have a station, specifically, to allow you to do that.”

Although it sounds like fun, there was also a serious message. The purpose is to test emergency communications. “Hams,” as they’re called, alert news and radio stations before anyone else, allowing them to get the information to you and your family faster.

“The idea is to demonstrate preparedness in case of a real emergency, where we had to establish communication across the United States and Canada,” said Walsh.

This exercise has been going on since the 1950’s and event organizers say they get about 100 people every year.

They also have 30 volunteers, who help setup the equipment.

If you’re looking to get a foot in the door and your voice heard over the radio, it’s not too hard at this event.

John Mardock, the chair of the event, said, “It takes interest and anymore we have classes that are entry level, and several times a year.”

Part of the reason for the event is education. When signals are lost on television or radio during natural disasters, emergency management systems are the only way of communicating.

There are more than 725,000 amateur broadcasters or Ham radio users in the U.S.

This event is free, but if you missed it, don’t worry, you still have until 1 p.m. tomorrow.

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