Steve’s annual “Travel Tipping for Dummies” – | Executive Travel

Steve’s annual “Travel Tipping for Dummies” –Most people when they travel are used to tipping when they eat at a restaurant but have no idea what to do for other tipping when they travel. Most professional service providers work for real low wages and depend on tipping as the primary source of income. Here are my recommendations for tipping when traveling:

Restaurant wait staff: 15% to 20% depending on service. Don’t forget about buffet staff as well. One of the best waitresses I have met is named Susan who works at Valentino’s buffet. It is sad when people don’t think they should tip buffet workers.

Hotel Bell Captain: $1-$2 per bag. This can get confusing as one person unloads from the cab. The next puts it on a luggage cart and then passes it on to another. I wait until I get to the room and pay the last person who presents me with my bags.

Airport or train porter: $1- $2 per bag

Cab and Uber drivers: 10%-15% of the fare. If they drive crazy or take me the long way around I do not tip at all.

Courtesy shuttle drivers: $1-$2 per bag

Hotel concierge: $10-$20 per request

Hotel doorman: $3 to $5 if they call a cab

Hotel maid (room steward): $2-$3 per night. Sadly, only about 20% of travelers tip the room steward and these people probably work the hardest of all the people on this list. Plus they really affect the quality of your stay.

Valet Parking: $3-$5

Tour guide: $3-$5 a day

Tour bus driver: $1 to $3 a day

Friendly Weekly Travel Alert writer: $5 a week!

Please let me know of other people you like to tip when traveling.

Source: Steve’s annual “Travel Tipping for Dummies” – | Executive Travel

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