8 Reasons Retirees Are Going Back to Work

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To Americans, “65” has always been a magic number. It’s the age one can expect to retire from work to live off Social Security and a pension while playing golf, starting a garden and traveling somewhere nice each year.


But for a growing number of Americans, retirement is just a temporary blip on their resumes. A vacation of sorts in between jobs. More and more people, it turns out, are going back to work after retiring from their careers.

Why Retirees Are Going Back to Work


We’ve tracked down eight common reasons why retirees are going back to work:

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1. Retirement Isn’t as Fun When One Spouse Still Works

2. They Become Entrepreneurs

3. They Have “Meaningful” Jobs

4. They Miss Working

5. They “Semi-Retire” With a Part-Time Job

6. They’re Supporting Other People

7. They Worry About Another Recession

8. They’re Worried About Outliving Their Savings

Of the boomers surveyed, only 40% had even tried to figure out how much money they would need to retire.

About the Author . Julyne Derrick is a writer and editor who lives between Brooklyn, NY and upstate NY. She has more than 20 years experience writing and editing for online Websites including MSN.com and About.com and spent her first working years as a health reporter at various New Mexico newspapers. A native small town Texan, she enjoys visiting friends and family in Texas and when she’s not traveling home, she spends time with her husband and toddler son skiing in winter and sailing and hiking in the summer. She has a keen interest in aging issues and seniors because her father has had to adapt to becoming blind at 65 (he handles his situation with large doses of humor) and her feisty grandmother, “Meemaw,” lived to 96. She particularly enjoys finding solutions for the everyday issues people face as they and their loved ones age.

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