Rising Tide: The Crossroads Project


With physicist Dr. Robert Davies, the Fry Street String Quartet, original music by composer Laura Kaminsky, and visual works by artist Rebecca Allan and photo-journalist Garth Lenz

At the dawn of the 21st century, humanity has arrived at an extraordinary Crossroads. The Crossroads Project brings the power of performance art to bear on one of the great conversations of our time — humanity’s growing unsustainability and the possibility for a truly meaningful response. This multi-disciplinary performance by a physicist, a composer, visual artists, and a string quartet, combines artistic and scientific voices in response to one of society’s greatest challenges—global sustainability and climate change. It takes the audience from intellectual understanding, to visceral experience, to courage and resolve. Powerful.



Forage Excerpt from robert davies on Vimeo.

The Crossroads Project
Adult $18.00 USD
Senior (62+) $15.00 USD
Student (13+) $8.00 USD
Children (free!) $0.00 USD