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My Chew Bone

Written in 2009 while working on the seniors paper.

From time to time, my wife and I take care of a neighbor’s Golden Retriever while his

Ma and Pa travel to visit family or go out on a golf weekend. Although I have no personal knowledge of Brodie’s breeding lineage, to me, he is pure gold. He has all the great traits need- ed to be nothing but loved. He always wants to be near us and sleeps in the bedroom all night. He sits on our feet to be in touch while we scratch his ears. Brodie gets along famously with our two dogs and even our cat. He is respectful of other’s pet food and he loves exploring our back yard. AND he loves his rawhide chew bones.

One chilly morning, I was fas- cinated to watch Brodie and our big ol’ yellow lab, Amy, laying in the grass, chewing on their respective rawhide. They faced each other as if at a dining table with their paws to the front and crossed to hold the bone in place. The chewing was intense and completely focused. There was a perfect harmony in their time together as they needed nothing but space and a little time to gnaw and chew.

I stood there for full 15 minutes wondering if either would break away from the task at hand to look for some other object of interest. Instead they remained dedicated to their work. During that time, I had several thoughts about what they were doing. I realized that chewing was good for their

P.1-16 Lincoln 55+

teeth but that was certainly not important to them. I assume the rawhide had a good flavor but decided that there was more to it.

Chewing on a bone must have an inherent challenge. The rawhide starts out stiff but begins to soften as they work on it. Then a tooth catches hold and progress is made, little bits at a time. The rawhide bones provides a push and a pull while the dogs try to transform it into – into – into what. Into nothing?

And then it dawned on me!

The Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper is my personal rawhide bone. It has a form that starts out rather stiff but seems to offer up something – like clay that wants to be molded into a form. So I chew and I chew and it begins to soften. Soon, it begins to give off an essence that something is about to hap pen. Maybe a new ad will reach the right people and the businessman will report that the ad is paying for itself. Or the Lincoln Artist Guild will report a 25% increase in membership. Maybe a group like the Oscher Lifelong learning folks will double their membership and secure a million dollar endow- ment. This old bone has some pretty nice flavors.

So I chew and chew and once the paper has reached it highest state, I start to deliver them to all the businesses in Lincoln. This is a good flavor also as I visit with store owners. They report how well liked the paper is. And the people I see often claim they read the paper cover to cover. And some that I meet are potential advertisers or have a story to tell. All are more good flavors. And then the 15,000 papers are all gone – just like the chew bone. But I am left with great memories of the flavor and the challenges met and the wonderful thought of that next chew bone. Move over Brodie and Amy. I need some room at the table.


Lincoln 55+ and OLLI in 2007

Hello from the Lincoln 55+ Seniors Paper,

OLLI – Osher Life Long Learning – has been just a great success. In the last months of a 3 year grant, OLLI had 304 members with a long term goal of reaching 500 members. Meeting this goal would earn a $1 Million endowment to help educate Seniors in Lincoln NE..On March 1st, 2007, with publication of a 4 page, color ad in the spring issue of the Lincoln 55+ Senior Paper, our membership jumped in just 6 weeks to 447. After the next 4-page ad in the summer issue, we reached 537 – well beyond the “long-term goal.”  After the membership year ended, we dropped back to 440 members but surged forward again after the Fall 2007 ads – to 650 members. So – in 10 months, OLLI membership rose from 304 to 650. Wow. And yes! We did get that 1st $Million endowment.

OLLI board members carried 1200-1500 papers (of 12,000 total) to their friends and neighbors and doctors offices for each issue. Offering the 55+ Paper became a method for starting a conversation about OLLI.  The Lincoln 55+ is proud of the the 12 years relationship with OLLI. in 2018, we are over 1400 members and now have a second endowment in hand. A million here and an million there adds up.

OLLI Rocks.

Racism in America by Keith N. Larsen

In 2011, I met an 80 year old black gentleman who was reading a story on Chief Standing Bear. I asked him for his thoughts and he said, ““I believe Racism is not a matter of Skin but a matter of Sin.” He explained further, “If I do not love – everyone – then I am not going – anywhere – with God.” His words moved me in a profound way. It is a rare and wonderful experience to find such personal resonance between belief and expression.
Chief Standing Bear was the first Indian to be recognized by the US courts as a person. We have to ask “What was he before this landmark trial? Not a man? Not a person?” Thankfully, his impossible situation was recognized by several people from Omaha who stepped forward to help correct a moral injustice. The story is told in Joe Starita’s book “I Am a Man.”
Imagine, if you will, a new group of people, blue colored people perhaps… Thousands of blue people, settling on existing Nebraska farms and displacing existing Nebraska farmers off their land. Imagine the laws are written to support these actions and troops are sent to enforce the law. They have to leave and move to Mexico!
As our friends are forced to walk to Mexico how do they feel? They have to establish a new home where the lands and language are totally different. Imagine their anguish! Imagine also that they are promised food and clothing and compensation – but it never comes. Now imagine it is not your friends but you and your family that must leave! This is what we did to the American Indians.
When a “country” sins against a race, it creates new laws and rules to rationalize its actions. America did not legally buy this great land with the Louisiana Purchase – we merely paid France to stop their own encroachment against the Indian people. With a fabricated piece of paper, American politicians and pioneers behaved as if we owned the West.
We took the land – rich land – resource filled land – land filled with rich soil, trees, gold and oil. We surveyed it, parceled it out, and gave it all to homesteaders and giant corporations. It would seem the Indians had no more rights than the wildlife.
Our proud heritage would have us believe our family homesteads were built out of nothing but pioneer blood, sweat, and tears. In general, the homesteaders acted in good faith within the laws of the time and we can’t blame any one person for settling on native lands. There seemed to be plenty for everyone. However, the sad truth is our law abiding ancestors lived in a world that used “White Man’s Law” to take everything from the American Indians.
Although we feel this ancient shame, most farmlands are not going to go back to the Indian tribes. We can’t take land away from the current owners and return it to the Indian tribes. This was a world where “Might made Right” and “White made Might.”
It is ironic to me that we blame other countries for the atrocities they commit but we are somehow able to overlook the misdeeds of our own country. There is a shame so deep it is impossible for us to look at our history with any hope of resolution.
Many unfair choices were made in the name of America’s Manifest Destiny. I think most people can agree our American industry craved the raw materials of this great land – we needed it to grow! It is my personal belief that no corporation and no government will be needed, or welcomed, in heaven.
In recent news, we find that Congress has passed a bill to provide $3.4 billion in compensation to the American Indians who were first robbed of their homes and then robbed of the resources that came from the scrabble lands left to them. This bill is not a welfare program for native Americans but a court ordered judgment of a class action suit filed in 1996. The claim was that our governmental officials mismanaged and stole as much as $100 billion from the resources harvested from Indian Lands.
Let’s be reminded that this bill to compensate the Indian Nations is a natural outcome of the trial of Chief Standing Bear. We find there are real treaties that are backed by the US Government. After the trial 1879, Native Americans were deemed to be real people who are to be protected by those laws.
There has been significant pressure to provide some form of justice. Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) noted that a federal judge has held the federal government in contempt for not funding the Indian case and called it a “bargain for the American taxpayers” that will avoid tens of millions of dollars in court costs. “We are correcting historic wrongs that should never have occurred in the first place,” he said.
Even though congress can only offer cold cash in this settlement, I hope they are able to express personal sorrow in some meaningful way. In the material sense, we will always fall short.
Perhaps, a spiritual cleansing is something that we can offer. Maybe we have a chance to purify our thoughts and bring them into harmony with our actions. Perhaps our penance will be to speak up the next time a demeaning comment is made about someone. We may fall short from time to time but, like my mentor on racism, we can begin the journey needed to “Love Everyone.” Only when we are ready from the inside, can we ask the Indian Nations to forgive us.
Our kudos to Joe Starita and the work he has done to open our eyes with his book, “I am a Man.” We are grateful for the exposure offered by the Public Library’s “One Book, One Lincoln” program. Recently, we are hearing calls to expand our reach of “I am a Man” to “One Book, One Nebraska” and beyond. Maybe the next time we print a state coin, the proud image of Chief Standing Bear will be the one chosen.

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Senior Newspapers – nationwide.

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Source: NAMPA – North America Mature Publishers Association


Lincoln City Libraries invites the public to two Town Hall meetings next week about a potential new central library in downtown Lincoln.   Library Director Pat Leach said the meetings are an opportunity for residents to share their suggestions for services and resources a new library might offer.   The meeting schedule is as follows:
·      Thursday, February 23rd, 6:30 p.m., Nebraska Educational Telecommunications Center (NET), 1800 North 33rd Street
·      Friday, February 24th, 12:10 p.m., Bennett Martin Public Library, 4th floor auditorium, 136 S. 14th Street

Godfrey’s Associates Inc. of Dallas, Texas in conjunction with HDR Inc. of Lincoln will show images of libraries from around the world and take questions and comments about current and future best practices in public libraries.  

In addition to the Town Halls, Leach will also host several community meetings the following week to seek further input.  The meeting schedule is as follows:
·      Monday, February 27, 4 to 5 p.m., Gere Branch Library, 2400 S. 56th Street
·      Tuesday, February 28, 5 to 6 p.m., Bennett Martin Public Library
·      Wednesday, March 1, 1 to 2 p.m., Eiseley Branch Library, 1530 Superior Street
·      Thursday, March 2, 6 to 7 p.m., Anderson Branch Library, 3635 Touzalin Avenue
·      Friday, March 3, 10 to 11 a.m., Walt Branch Library, 6701 S. 14th Street

For information about the central library project, visit

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Lincoln 55+ Seniors Values as of 11-25-16

Lincoln Nebraska Businesses Offer Senior Discounts. 
Ask first!!! – Policies change from time to time. Please ask for your discounts before you order.

  • Aikens natural Food (65+) Tuesdays 10%  5% other days
  • ** Amigos (55+ Seniors) – 10% off
  • ** Arby’s (60+) Small Drink – $.35 with meal
  • ** BackYard Burgers (55+) – 10% off anytime;
  • 25% off entire ticket – All day on Weds.
  • Braeda Fresh Express Cafe (55+) ** 10% off
  • Burger King (57+) 10% Off
  • Chili’s Grill & Bar (55+) 10% off, 6730 S. 27th
  • CiCi’s Pizza ** (55+) $4.89 Buffet,
  • Cielto Lindo (55+) 10% off 100 North 1st
  • College of Hair Design (55+)
  • 10% of services on T – W – Th
  • Culver’s ** (60+) – 5% off
  • ** DaVinci’s ** (60+) – 10% off – 475-1111
  • Deer Springs Winery – 10% off Cases
  • (15% off with military ID)
  • Dickey’s (55+) 10% off
  • Doozy’s (55+) 10% Off   101 North 14th
  • DQ Grill & Chill ** (55+) 10% off – North 27th
  • Egg & I  (60+) 10% off 6891 A St.
  • Godfather’s Pizza (55+) 10% Off $4 Wednesday
  • Goodwill (55+) 20% Off on Tues and Sundays
  • ** Golden Corral ** (60+) -10:45-4 M-F $7.69 includes beverage. 3940 North 26th St.
  • Greenfield (55+) 10% off 7900 South 87th
  • Green’s Plumbing ** (55+) Be sure to ask!
  • 10% residential service – $10 max.
  • ** IHOP (55+) 10% – 4501 North 27th
  • Joseph’s College of Beauty – Senior prices, 5801 O Street
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken ( Ask – 55+ or 65+ ) – 10% discount
  • Kohl’s – Wednesdays – 15% off
  • Licorice International (55) 10% on Tuesdays
  • Long John Silver’s (55+) – 20% off Weds.
  • ** Lied Center for Performing Arts ** –
  • 10% to 20% Group discount – 472-4747
  • Marcus Theaters (60+)$5 all day Tues, –
  • $5 < 11:00 am – any day and Fri. < 5:30 pm
  • Nebraska Brass – (55+) $12 per event
  • Season $54   402-477-7899
  • Orscheln Farm & Home – (55+) 5% off every Wednesday (with card)
  • ** Perkins Restaurants (55+) – Senior Menu
  • Papa Murphy (55+) – 10% off
  • Piezano’s (55+ Seniors & guests) – 10% off – Dine-in only
  • Popeye’s (55+) – 10% off
  • Runza (55+) – 10% off
  • Serenity Health Massage (55+)
  • Seniors –> $45 per hour, M, T AM 617-3604
  • Schlotzsky’s Deli (60+) 10% off – 4320 N. 27th
  • Subway – (55+) 10%
  • Supercuts (55+) Supercut Sr. – $11
  • Taco Bell / Taco Bueno (55+) / Taco Inn (60+) / Taco John’s (62+) – 10% off
  • ** Valentino’s Pizza (65+) 10% off at buffet. 25% off buffet All Day Monday
  • 70th and Van Dorn
  • Village Inn (60+) – 10% off
  • Walgreen’s – 1st Tuesday 20% off
  • Wendy’s (55+) – Free vlaue Drink w meal
  • Zoup – (55+) Try Two Combo 2801 Pine Lake Rd
  • ** Look for Lincoln 55+ Newspapers **
  • at Locations notated with ** stars **


  • Please mention the Lincoln 55+ Seniors discount listing when you visit.

Fall Issue of the Lincoln 55+ has arrived

Please be on the lookout for your new copy of the Lincoln 55+ – Fall 2016.

We begin deliveries this morning.

4 ways we get better with age – United Health Care

Older, yes. Wiser, you bet. How about happier too?

Do you tend to think of getting older as a to-be-expected decline? Well, there’s plenty of reason to look up.

In fact, here’s something to keep in mind: For many people, midlife and beyond may be some of their best years yet. Here are four good reasons why:

1. Optimism helps light the way – Research shows that as people grow older they’re more likely to have optimistic attitudes than those in younger age groups. They also tend to experience fewer emotional storms — and enjoy greater inner peace.

A tip for the ages: Focus on the positives in your life. One simple way to do this is with gratitude. For example, create a journal to note things you’re grateful for — both big and small.

2. Mixing and mingling come easier – By midlife, many people feel more confident in social situations — and more comfortable with who they are. And that’s a big plus for building relationships, a key to healthy aging. When you have people you can turn to for support and companionship, it can be a buffer against feeling lonely or depressed.

A tip for the ages: Reach out to family and friends regularly. And make an effort to make new pals. Volunteering in your community is a great way to meet people. And you can feel good about what you’re doing too.

3. Wisdom grows with time – After decades of experience, many people find they’re better at:

  • Adapting to career and life changes
  • Coping with a crisis
  • Making good financial decisions

A tip for the ages: Let your years boost your confidence. When faced with challenges, remind yourself of all you’ve managed in the past. And consider sharing your experience by being a mentor.

4. Curiosity is ageless – Learning new things can be revitalizing — and help keep your brain and memory sharp. Maybe that’s building furniture, starting a blog, studying a new language or taking up salsa dancing.* And if you have kids, they may be more independent now. That may mean you have more free time for new pursuits too.

A tip for the ages: You may find that your interests and preferences change over time. So be open to new endeavors that may be worth a try.

LightbulbWhat to do next – Set your sights on brighter days ahead. Envision the future you want with these 7 strategies for setting and working toward goals.

*Talk with your doctor before significantly increasing your activity level.


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Artist Linda Stephens – Origami

Lincoln 55+ book columnist Linda Stephen is the featured artist this summer at The ESO Gallery <>  at 7810 Davenport St. in Omaha with her solo exhibit “Origami Landscapes.”
“Origami Landscapes” features 20 works of intricate paper art inspired by places of daily joy in Nebraska – prairies, parks, historic sites and gardens.
Linda Stephen’s origami collages are part of private and public collections around the world, from the Mayor’s Office in Omihachiman, Japan to the J.W. Marriott in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fluent in Japanese, Linda lived and worked in Japan for seven years. Her art has been featured in more than 100 juried solo or group exhibits across the country including the Nebraska Arts Council’s Fred Simon Gallery in Omaha. <>  or <> .
The ESO Gallery is a non-profit gallery dedicated to promoting regional artists and photographers. The curator is Rachel Mindrup. Hours 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. weekdays. <>


Henry Larsen | |

When I was about 10 years old, I received a spanking for something I did not do. My feelings were hurt more than anything else but I was feeling pretty miserable.

Source: Henry Larsen | |

When I was about 10 years old, I received a spanking for something I did not do. My feelings were hurt more than anything else but I was feeling pretty miserable. I remember thinking “It’s not fair!”

At the dinner table that night, my 8-year-old brother, Stanley, with head hung low confessed that he had done the misdeed.

My father had to think quickly to right this wrong but it only took him a couple seconds. His response restored justice in an instant and brought great laughter to the entire family.

Dad slowly pushed his chair back, leaned forward just a bit and announced for God and everyone to hear, “Next time Keith does something wrong, I’ll give Stanley a spanking.”

Of course we never did swap spankings but in that moment, at that table, Dad had artfully restored my dignity and sense of justice.”

— Keith Larsen, Lincoln


Explaining the Science Behind Your Happiness | Health – BabaMail

-keith – This is one of the best bits of information that I can share with my blog readers. Take a look and you will know me just a bit better as well. -keith ————————–

Did you know that if you complain about things frequently, you could actually be digging yourself an early grave? There is actual science to back this up, and what’s even more astounding is the fact that you can actually shape your own reality with your thoughts. Read on to find out about the science of happiness:

1.  “Synapses that fire together wire together.”

Synapses are structures that are present throughout the brain. They act as message relays for thoughts, speech and movement. When a thought pops into your head, a synapse fires a chemical across a tiny gap to another synapse. In other words, an electrical signal is built across a bridge in your brain.

Every time the above occurs, your synapses grow closer together, meaning that the distance between them is reduced, allowing them to pass on the electrical signal quicker. The brain basically rewires its own circuitry, which means that your thoughts reshape your brain – literally.


2.  Shortest Path Wins the Race.

The synapses that bond most strongly together in your brain actually form your default personality – from your intelligence, to your skills and aptitude at different tasks in different situations. Furthermore, they determine what your most easily-accessible thoughts are, which has a great bearing on your conversational skills.

The more a thought is repeated in your head, the closer together you bring the synapses that pass it on. The thought that wins the race inside your brain is the one that has the least distance to travel between synapses.


3.  Acceptance vs. Regret, Drift vs. Desire, Love vs. Fear.

Whenever the opportunity arises for us to think a reactive thought, you’re generally faced with the following choices: Love versus Fear; Acceptance versus Regret; Drift versus Desire, or Optimism versus Pessimism.

Taking the first example, you can choose to love everything in life while relinquishing your need for control. If you approach everything in your life from a perspective of love and do not try to control what you cannot, then you have nothing to fear.

According to Buddhist philosophy, the universe itself is a place of suffering and chaos, thus our attempts to exert control over what goes on within it are nothing but futile.

Practicing acceptance of the natural flow of life, giving thanks for each experience you have and every lesson you learn, will result in the synapses in your brain that represent love having a much higher chance of being triggered before those associated with sadness, regret, pessimism, fear, depression and so on. Repeatedly approaching situations from an optimistic and loving perspective will turn your default mental state into one of optimism and appreciation.

With the above being said, you must note that this isn’t a fool-proof practice. Sometimes the burden of emotion weighs too heavily on us, and being in a negative state of mind from time to time is just a part of life. However, just like any muscle in your body, you will see the results you want through regular, repeated exercise – you’ll garner a new, innate strength, which will permeate your world with beauty.

4. Mirror-Neurons

While it may be a revelation to you that you can actually shape your own reality with your thoughts, the thoughts of those around you can contribute greatly to it as well.

When we observe someone experiencing a specific emotion, our brain tests out the emotion we perceive in order for us to try and understand what that person is going through. This is the basis of empathy, which although contains a whole world of good in itself, is also something that can have negative effects.

Think of a mob mentality – when collective anger influences others to pick up their pitchforks against the common enemy, or listening to that annoying friend of yours who berates everyone and everything to gain some self-validation. In the latter instance, you find yourself reluctantly agreeing with them that yes, what they’re complaining about really is unfair or just a load of baloney.

The fact of the matter is that life is chaotic. If you continue to let the chaos that surrounds you influence you, then you’re shaping your brain in such a way that your default, short-path personality will become bitter and jaded, rather than loving and optimistic.

Spend time with people that elevate you – that are happy and full of love, rather than people that make you live in fear of being invalidated. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help out friends who are going through a hard time, nor does it mean that you cannot critique the world’s failings and injustices. After all, positive change usually requires critical thought.


5. Stress is a killer. 

Negativity, regret, attachment to desire and pointless complaining about things that don’t really matter will ultimately kill you. Although this point might seem drastic, all of these things ultimately lead to stress. When your brain is working away, firing angry synapses, your immune system gets weakened as a result and you’d be putting yourself at risk of a whole range of health problems.

The human stress hormone is called cortisol, and it’s somewhat of a public enemy in the medical profession. Elevated cortisol levels cause a decline in learning and memory, a decrease in immune function and bone density, an increase in weight gain, a rise in blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and a higher susceptibility to heart disease. These are just a few of the ailments that can be brought on by cortisol.

Source: Explaining the Science Behind Your Happiness | Health – BabaMail

The 3 Little Words Our Close Friends Should Hear | Spirituality – BabaMail

Nothing beats a true friend who stands by your side, in good times and in bad, that loves you just the way you are and supports you when things look bleak. There are three little words you need to say to strengthen any relationship, and turn it into true friendship. If you got this from someone, it means you have a true friend who will be there for you to tell you these three little words…

Source: The 3 Little Words Our Close Friends Should Hear | Spirituality – BabaMail – Can you read this page?

Ad hoc Survey – Please read this medicare Page with your electronic device and tell me if the letters are too small for any senior eyes to read. I have to touch my nose to the screen.  – keith —-
Search and compare Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing homes and view the quality of care provided to patients.

Source: Nursing Home Compare

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