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Excuses to Cheat On your Diet

It’s Cheat Day: 10 Excuses Every Girl Makes So She Can Cheat On Her Diet


Starting a diet is easy. For the first seven minutes, you feel wildly confident, motivated by the thought of you in a bikini and the admiring looks you will get.

Precisely 11 minutes later, you are hungry. You worked out, you tell yourself, so that gives you about 300 “free” calories.

You start thinking about food. You look at photos of food on Instagram. Soon, you are using your expert powers of self-persuasion to convince yourself a diet cheat is actually a good thing. It will boost your metabolism! And you’ll get right back on track straight after one little treat.

Woe is you. As all girls know, dieting is hard, boring and, worst of all, it’s often futile.


My Favorite?  -keith    “It’s free!”  I love free food (…) and have been to known to eat a day’s worth of food in free samples.

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The 11 Warning Signs of a Food Intolerance

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1. Are you going to the bathroom too much?
2. Do you have chronic muscle or joint pains that are spreading?
3. Does caffeine over-stimulate you?
5. After a good sleep, do you still feel sleepy?
6. Do you have no tolerance for wheat, even though you test negative for celiac disease?
7. Is your thyroid underactive?
8. Are milk & yogurt giving you tummy trouble?
9. Is your arthritis getting worse?
10. Do particular foods give you skin conditions?
11. Do onions and garlic in meals give you belly problems?


GREAT QUESTIONS from StoryCorp –

Here are some of our suggestions for getting a good conversation going. We encourage you to use the ones you like and to come up with your own. This list is in no particular order. Choose one of the categories below, or scroll through and read them all.

The 10 Healthiest Eating Habits You Can Adopt

Diets and food plans can be hard to stick to, and will not necessarily result in any long-term success. This is because people tend to slip back into their old habits very quickly, despite their best of intentions. The inevitable byproduct of these failures is feeling disheartened or demoralized, but healthy eating doesn’t need to be this way. Here are the 10 healthiest eating habits you can adopt (and stick to):

1. Stay Away From Processed Food
2. Make the Switch to Whole Grains
3. Use Healthy Cooking Methods
4. Watch Your Portion Sizes5. Be Aware of Healthy Options when you’re Eating Out –  includes:  Set aside half the dish and ask for it in a takeaway container.
 6. Keep a Food Diary

7. Eat Healthily at Social Events
8. Plan Your Healthy Shopping
9. You Can Have a Treat – Occasionally
10. Drink Lots of Water

Top 10 Buffets in Las Vegas, Guide to Vegas |

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Source: Top 10 Buffets in Las Vegas, Guide to Vegas |

12 Springtime Activities for Seniors

There’s just something so rejuvenating about spring. Whether it’s the birds chirping, flowers or sunshine; spring does wonders for the senior soul.

Springtime is a favorite season for seniors because many of them are retired and have spent the winter being cooped-up indoors.

See all 12 – –> Source: 12 Springtime Activities for Seniors

6. Eat outdoors at a fancy restaurant.
7. Visit a nursery.
8. Go on a picnic.


The Mill Coffee and Bistro to open at Nebraska Innovation Campus

Daniel and Tamara Sloan, owners of The Mill Coffee and Tea, announced their plans to open a third Lincoln location at Nebraska Innovation Campus this summer.

The new shop, to be called The Mill Coffee and Bistro, will feature The Mill’s signature coffees and teas as well as an expanded food menu of breakfast items, lunch items, small plates, snacks, wine and beer.

The Mill Coffee and Tea is a small-batch craft coffee roaster, espresso bar and tea house that was started in Lincoln in 1975. The original store is now located at 800 P St. in the Historic Haymarket.

Daniel Sloan said it has been 17 years since The Mill opened its second location, on Prescott Avenue near South 48th Street – and that he believes the new spot at NIC is the next compelling opportunity for The Mill.

“The new Mill Coffee and Bistro at Nebraska Innovation Campus will allow us to provide the warm, welcoming, collaborative community we love to create in an environment that strives to enhance and support education, research and innovation,” he said.

The Bistro’s menu will include a full line of pastries, quiche, breakfast burritos, yogurt parfaits and fresh fruits. Additional menu items will include salads, soups and hot and cold sandwiches, a variety of small plates and snacks. The Bistro will also offer cask wine, a selection of bottled wine, and local and regional craft beers.

“We are so fortunate to have The Mill Coffee and Bistro locate at NIC,” said Dan Duncan, NIC executive director. “The Bistro will play a significant role in creating the culture and social activities key to developing an environment of innovation on campus.”

Construction on the new NIC restaurant space will start this month. The Bistro will be on the first floor of the campus’ north Innovation Commons building. The space will feature dining, meeting and gathering space. Guests will find soft seating for small group gathering, a communal table, audio-visual equipment for small meetings and free WiFi.

NIC is a research campus designed to facilitate new and in-depth partnerships between the university and private-sector businesses. At full build-out, NIC will be a 2.2-million square-foot campus with uniquely designed buildings and amenities that inspire creative activity and engagement, transforming ideas into global innovation.




WRITER: Kate Engel, Nebraska Innovation Campus
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Office of University Communication
1217 Q St. Lincoln, NE 68588-0218


You Need to Know This Before Buying Bottled Water

When buying bottled water, consumers are advised to check the bottom of the bottle, in order to protect their health. Plastic bottles labeled with letters like HDP, HDPE, PP and a few others, do not release any toxic material in the water, and the remaining letters can represent the chemicals…

Source: You Need to Know This Before Buying Bottled Water

So important that I will include the text here.

A Complete Guide to Plastic Bottle Safety

 We have been using plastic bottles all our lives. But let’s face it – we all tend to be a bit skeptical about the actual consequences they have on our health. We are right in knowing they contain harmful chemicals, but the degree of this harm varies according to the type of plastic used. You may never have been informed of the ways plastic bottles harm us and which types of plastic cause the most harm – but the answers all lie at the bottom of your bottle.
If you flip your plastic bottle over you are likely to see letters marked on or close to its base. Some common ones include PET, PVC, HDP and PP. If these don’t sound familiar to you, you’re not alone – we are going to help you decipher their meaning. This will hopefully help you make wiser choices when buying water bottles.
Here’s what each label means:

1. PET or PETE: 

This one probably sounds familiar. It is the most commonly used plastic material in packaging and consumer products, used especially for water and soft drink bottles. This kind of plastic is only intended for single use and is difficult to decontaminate, meaning that repeated use can be harmful. The more you use it, the higher the risk of leach and bacteria. Also, the metals and chemicals released by this material may tamper with our body’s hormonal balance.


2. HDP or HDPE:

HDPE is a harder type of plastic often used for milk jugs, detergent bottles, oil bottles, toys and some plastic bags. Experts claim that this is the safest kind of plastic that you can choose when buying bottled water, because it barely releases any chemicals. This means your water will be cleaner, hence causing minimal harmful effects on your health


3. PVC or 3V:

This symbol indicates the use of PVC, a highly toxicplastic that is soft and flexible, and is generally used for food wrapping, oil bottles, teething rings, toys, and blister packaging. The chemicals it releases are said to have serious consequences on our body, since they pose effects on our hormones. Experts suggest to avoid packaging made from the PVC and try to find an alternative to it.


4. LDPE:

Although this type of plastic does not release chemicals into the water, you are unlikely to see this label on your water bottle, because the LDPE material is not used in its production. Rather, you would find it in food packaging, in the case of which you should still try to avoid it. LDPE may still release highly dangerous chemicals in the foods you eat.


5. PP:

Yogurt cups and syrup packing are made of this white-colored or semi-transparent type of plastic, referred to as PP (polypropylene plastic). This kind of material is tough, lightweight and heat-resistant. This material won’t melt easily if heated. Overall, it is a rather safe type of plastic, and  it can also block out moisture, grease and chemicals.


6. PS:

PS stands for Polystyrene – a type of inexpensive and lightweight plastic that is used for a range of products. We have often used this type of plastic for disposable styrofoam drinking cups, egg cartons, plastic picnic cutlery, and take-out “clamshell“ food containers. PS should be restricted to short-term usage only, since dangerous carcinogenic substances could be released from it when heated.

7. PC or non-labeled plastic:

This is potentially the most dangerous plastic found out there. If you ever find the “PC” label on plastic bottles (or no label at all), make sure you steer clear of it as much as possible. It refers to a catch-all category for polycarbonate materials and “other” plastics, which contain chemicals that are likely to leach into the food or drink products it makes contact with. Examples of the use of this material include sports water bottles and food containers. It is highly discouraged to reuse or recycle this type of plastic.


Note: These kinds of plastics are not only used for food and drink products. We also find them in everyday items in which they may not directly affect our health, such as water pipes, signs, clothing, furniture, shower curtains, textiles, stationery, insulation, diapers, medical equipment, etc. Nonetheless, we should always be knowledgeable about the materials and chemicals included in the products we buy, taking extra care on the ones that contain food and drinks.




Diabetic Food List: The Worst Choices for Diabetes | Reader’s Digest

9 of the Worst Eating Habits for Diabetes If you’re trying to lower blood sugar and stay healthy, make sure you aren’t committing these eating mistakes.

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The Best and Worst Drinks for Diabetics | Reader’s Digest

Liquid calories and nutrition can be good or bad for blood sugar and diabetes. Here’s how you can get the healthiest bang from your beverages.

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Join Rotary and make a difference | My Rotary

Let me know if you are interested in visiting. There are three clubs in Lincoln -Keith Larsen 402-742-0132 —>  —>


With clubs in almost every country, our more than 1.2 million members embrace their diverse background and unite to exchange new ideas, apply expertise, and implement improvements that transform communities.

Our members work locally and partner on international projects that address today’s most pressing .

The impact our members make takes shape at Rotary club meetings and activities. These gatherings give you the chance to:

  • Change lives. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss and act upon your community’s greatest needs.
  • Connect with other passionate people. Rotary club meetings are a place to strengthen connections to friends and neighbors and form meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.
  • Invest in yourself. Many clubs offer workshops, conferences, guest speakers, and more – all aimed at helping you grow personally and professionally.

Learn more about the . Meet some of our members and read what motivates them to make a difference through Rotary on the .

Source: Join Rotary and make a difference | My Rotary

Lincoln 55+ Seniors Values as of 11-25-16

Lincoln Nebraska Businesses Offer Senior Discounts. 
Ask first!!! – Policies change from time to time. Please ask for your discounts before you order.

  • Aikens natural Food (65+) Tuesdays 10%  5% other days
  • ** Amigos (55+ Seniors) – 10% off
  • ** Arby’s (60+) Small Drink – $.35 with meal
  • ** BackYard Burgers (55+) – 10% off anytime;
  • 25% off entire ticket – All day on Weds.
  • Braeda Fresh Express Cafe (55+) ** 10% off
  • Burger King (57+) 10% Off
  • Chili’s Grill & Bar (55+) 10% off, 6730 S. 27th
  • CiCi’s Pizza ** (55+) $4.89 Buffet,
  • Cielto Lindo (55+) 10% off 100 North 1st
  • College of Hair Design (55+)
  • 10% of services on T – W – Th
  • Culver’s ** (60+) – 5% off
  • ** DaVinci’s ** (60+) – 10% off – 475-1111
  • Deer Springs Winery – 10% off Cases
  • (15% off with military ID)
  • Dickey’s (55+) 10% off
  • Doozy’s (55+) 10% Off   101 North 14th
  • DQ Grill & Chill ** (55+) 10% off – North 27th
  • Egg & I  (60+) 10% off 6891 A St.
  • Godfather’s Pizza (55+) 10% Off $4 Wednesday
  • Goodwill (55+) 20% Off on Tues and Sundays
  • ** Golden Corral ** (60+) -10:45-4 M-F $7.69 includes beverage. 3940 North 26th St.
  • Greenfield (55+) 10% off 7900 South 87th
  • Green’s Plumbing ** (55+) Be sure to ask!
  • 10% residential service – $10 max.
  • ** IHOP (55+) 10% – 4501 North 27th
  • Joseph’s College of Beauty – Senior prices, 5801 O Street
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken ( Ask – 55+ or 65+ ) – 10% discount
  • Kohl’s – Wednesdays – 15% off
  • Licorice International (55) 10% on Tuesdays
  • Long John Silver’s (55+) – 20% off Weds.
  • ** Lied Center for Performing Arts ** –
  • 10% to 20% Group discount – 472-4747
  • Marcus Theaters (60+)$5 all day Tues, –
  • $5 < 11:00 am – any day and Fri. < 5:30 pm
  • Nebraska Brass – (55+) $12 per event
  • Season $54   402-477-7899
  • Orscheln Farm & Home – (55+) 5% off every Wednesday (with card)
  • ** Perkins Restaurants (55+) – Senior Menu
  • Papa Murphy (55+) – 10% off
  • Piezano’s (55+ Seniors & guests) – 10% off – Dine-in only
  • Popeye’s (55+) – 10% off
  • Runza (55+) – 10% off
  • Serenity Health Massage (55+)
  • Seniors –> $45 per hour, M, T AM 617-3604
  • Schlotzsky’s Deli (60+) 10% off – 4320 N. 27th
  • Subway – (55+) 10%
  • Supercuts (55+) Supercut Sr. – $11
  • Taco Bell / Taco Bueno (55+) / Taco Inn (60+) / Taco John’s (62+) – 10% off
  • ** Valentino’s Pizza (65+) 10% off at buffet. 25% off buffet All Day Monday
  • 70th and Van Dorn
  • Village Inn (60+) – 10% off
  • Walgreen’s – 1st Tuesday 20% off
  • Wendy’s (55+) – Free vlaue Drink w meal
  • Zoup – (55+) Try Two Combo 2801 Pine Lake Rd
  • ** Look for Lincoln 55+ Newspapers **
  • at Locations notated with ** stars **


  • Please mention the Lincoln 55+ Seniors discount listing when you visit.

The Difference Between Baking Powder & Baking Soda | Food & Drinks – BabaMail

Many people think that baking powder and baking soda are one and the same, but they’re actually not. This guide will highlight the key differences between them.

I learned a lot from this. Take a look – keith

Source: The Difference Between Baking Powder & Baking Soda | Food & Drinks – BabaMail

10 Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes | Health – BabaMail

 Tomatoes are sweet, tasty, and extremely versatile in the kitchen, and to an extent, this already makes them attractive enough. However, there are many other reasons why you should consume them more often. As many of you may know, these red fruits are packed with vitamin C, are low in calories, and are fat-free – but that’s not all! Here are 10 even better things tomatoes do for your health:

Tomatoes aren’t just delicious and extremely versatile in the kitchen – they also offer many health benefits and can even fight cancer. Here are 10 of them.

Source: 10 Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes | Health – BabaMail

Chef Karim’s Mediterranean Grill

Be aware that the phone number in the Journal Star flier is not correct. The old number asks for your reservation info but it is no longer in their control.

  • Instead, use 531-289-1805.

\We ate here for the Lincoln restaurant week and loved it. Chef is a gem. I beleive people will travel to lincoln for his food.
Be sure to ask for the special menu tonight or tomorrow – and Dine outside if the weather is nice. -keith —–>

Source: Chef Karim’s Mediterranean Grill

The restaurant at 333 N. Cotner Blvd. finally is open, and it’s proving to be worth the wait.

Not only does Chef Karim’s Mediterranean Grill feature the exquisite talents of owner and executive chef Abdel Karim Chhibbane, the restaurant is, hands down, the most gorgeous eatery in Lincoln, with a look and feel reminding me of places I’ve enjoyed in New Orleans, Chicago and New York City.


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