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How to Be Happy by Pope Francis | Spirituality – BabaMail

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to live a happy life, then Pope Francis has quite a few answers for you.

6 Foundations For a Happy Life By Pope Francis – From: Fabrizio Fenech

For centuries, humans have striven to find out what it takes to be truly happy. Great leaders, philosophers, academics, and religious scholars have come up with many different answers, and here is Pope Francis’ take on the subject:

Source: How to Be Happy by Pope Francis | Spirituality – BabaMail


Shin Lim Wows Everyone Again | Art – BabaMail

Shin Lim wows the judges and the audience again on the popular magic show Fool Us.

Source: Shin Lim Wows Everyone Again | Art – BabaMail

John Branyan – The Three Little Pigs – Bing video

shakespearean three little pigs. Prepare to enjoy this video. -keith

Source: John Branyan – The Three Little Pigs – Bing video

American Flag that was 60′ x 30′ out of Mega Construx(TM) plastic bricks.

 We received an email yesterday from Guinness World Record and it read:
“We are thrilled to inform you that your application has been successful and you are now the Guinness World Records Title Holder!”
 On May 27, 2017 with the help of hundreds of volunteers, we built an American Flag that was 60′ x 30′ out of Mega Construx(TM) plastic bricks.  The flag, surveyed by licensed E&A Consulting Group’s surveyor Jason Headley, measured 1,813.52 square feet or 168.461 square meters.  The previous record was 156.8 square meters or 1,687.78 square feet.  Thus we broke that record by 11.66 square meters or 125.74 square feet!
Click here to see our record on Guinness World Records(TM) page!
Click here to see a time-lapsed video of the build!
This would not have been possible without the help of some amazing people and organizations!
     Mattel, Inc. and Mega Brands(TM) for the donation of the needed bricks.
     HDR, Inc. for their help with the development of the final design.
     Kay Dee Company for their help with cutting plywood for our bases.
     E&A Consulting Group for surveying the completed flag.
     NP Dodge and Canfield’s for allowing us to build in Canfield’s Plaza.
     Election Systems and Software for initially offering the use of their parking lot.
     Nebraska National Guard for their help in recruiting volunteers.
     OMNE for the use of one of their spaces for storage and prep.
     Hawkins Construction for their sponsorship and guidance.
     Two Men and a Truck for moving the parts of the flag to Canfield’s Plaza.
     Eagle Sanitation for donating portable restrooms for our volunteers and visitors.
     Standard Digital for donating our banner.
     Swain Construction for assistance with safety barriers.
     Coca Cola Bottling for the donation of soda for our volunteers.
     Ideal water for the water donated for our volunteers.
     Advanced Engineering Systems for providing excellent volunteer support.
     Derby Enterprises for their sponsorship.
     Henkel for providing construction adhesive.
     All the media outlets that helped with getting our story out to the public.
And of course, we would not have been able to build the Flag without the help of the hundreds of volunteers who came out and spent their day placing bricks!  Some of our more notable volunteers included Governor Pete Ricketts, Congressman Don Bacon and Omaha’s own Mayor Jean Stothert spent several hours helping us build the Flag!  Thank you all very much!

We would like to extend a special thank you to those who helped us build the wooden bases:  Sharrie C. and her family, Belise D., Sean D., Tony D., Dawn E. and her family, Debbie K. and her boys, Scott L., Chris M., Robert M., Tammy M., John N., Peg R., Sarah R. and her family, and Niel W.  Thank you all for your time, hard work and willingness to stay for hours!

A special thanks to Mr. Jim Meier, Lt. Colonel (Ret) Michal DeBolt, Peggy Galloway, Cliff Leech and Colonel (Ret) John Folsom for their support and guidance.  Finally, a huge thank you to my family for their guidance and support in my pursuit of my goal of breaking this Guinness World Record(TM).

We are currently looking for a place to display the Flag and if possible, a permanent home and if not, a place to store the Flag.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

Again, thank you all very much!

John Lang

The Great American Flag Project
The Great American Flag Project | 13110 Birch Drive, Suite 148, Omaha, NE 68164
(402) 850-4809

Source: Largest image built with LEGO® bricks | Guinness World Records

See Norway’s Fjords From the Air! | Nature – BabaMail

I still want to climb Preikestolen at 1800 feet.. See footage at 1:00 minute in.

Check out this stunning video that shows Norway’s fjords from the sky! We can guarantee that it’ll take your breath away!

Norway’s Incredible Fjords as You’ve Never Seen Them!

The immense scope and grandeur of Norway’s incredible fjords can only be fully appreciated from the air. Soaring over iconic vistas and remote islands, this aerial footage is set to an inspiring soundtrack that perfectly illustrates this wonderful country’s outstanding natural beauty. Of course, viewing it from behind a screen is one thing, but nothing can compare to actually experiencing Norway’s majestic fjords in person. So if you enjoy this video, it might be time to book a flight to Norway!

Source: See Norway’s Fjords From the Air! | Nature – BabaMail

Oct 30 – Screenings — Eating You Alive™

“People are not living longer. People are dying Longer” Showing in Crete at Doane – preview

October 30 CRETE, NE – Heckman Auditorium at the Doane University Crete Campus, 1014 Boswell Avenue in Crete


Tickets on Sale now We are so excited to announce that EYA is set to hit screens in October!  There are many pre-release events that will be happening across the country in places like Oklahoma City, Detroit, Washington D.C., NYC, Atlanta, Nashville, Huntsville, Chicago, Denver, Little Rock, Austin, Sacramento, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and more!  These events will include a Q & A session and a chance for us to finally get to meet all of you who have been so supportive and hear your “Whole Food Plant Based” stories!  So keep checking as there are more details to come about these events and the nationwide theatrical release in November!

Source: Screenings — Eating You Alive™

Honey on Tap is Now a Real Thing | Science & Tech – BabaMail

Could you imagine just turning a tap to get fresh, healthy honey? With this new technology – you can.

Source: Honey on Tap is Now a Real Thing | Science & Tech – BabaMail

We are so happy to say that now you can harvest the honey with virtually no disturbance to the bees. It’s a dream come true for us and we are actually quite surprised ourselves at just how well our Flow™ Frames work.

After a decade of work, it’s so exciting to be finally bringing our Flow™ hive invention to the world. You can now buy Flow™ Hives in our shop, join our online community in the Forum, watch awesome videos and read our FAQ pages.

– Cedar Anderson


A Dog’s Purpose (2017) – IMDb video 2:29

This video story about Dogs Lives is delightful. Take a moment. -keith —–>  – Directed by Lasse Hallström. With Britt Robertson, Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton. A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.

Source: A Dog’s Purpose (2017) – IMDb

Live and Learn August 2016 – YouTube

Life Long Learning with Osher Classes in Lincoln – August 1, 2016

Leta Powell Drake, OLLI member and host of “Live and Learn,” a television program of Aging Partners/Area Agency on Aging, recently interviewed Dee Aguilar, OLLI Coordinator. Listen to what Leta and Dee have to say about OLLI.

Hilarious Southwest Airline Safety Presentation – 3:05 on YouTube

This Video is worth the bit of time it takes – keith   —–>

Source: Hilarious Southwest Airline Safety Presentation (Open Captions) – YouTube

Hands Only CPR – Learn how to help save someone’s life.

Source: Hands Only CPR

Celebrate National CPR Week by learning Hands-Only CPR

Got a minute? Then you can learn how to help save someone’s life.
During National CPR Week, June 1-7, part of National CPR/AED Awareness Month (June), the American Heart Association is urging people to take a few minutes to watch a Hands-Only CPR video at <>  so they are equipped to act in a cardiac emergency. Hands-Only CPR has just two easy steps: If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, (1) Call 911; and (2) Push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of the disco song “Stayin’ Alive.”
Studies show that just watching a short instructional CPR video greatly increases the chances that bystanders will attempt CPR. Unfortunately, only about 46 percent of people who experience an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest get the immediate help that they need before professional help arrives.
When people lack confidence and knowledge of CPR, the odds of survival get worse for victims of cardiac arrest. Ninety-percent of people who suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests die. CPR, especially if performed immediately, can double or triple a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival.

The American Heart Association has endorsed Hands-Only CPR as a treatment for adult cardiac arrest victims since 2008, and studies have shown it is as effective as CPR with breaths. Hands-Only CPR is recommended primarily for adults who suffer an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Seventy-percent of those cases happen in a residential setting.

Infants and children still need full CPR with chest compressions and breaths since the cause of their cardiac arrest is typically respiratory-related. Hands-Only CPR is not recommended for victims of drowning or drug overdose or people who collapse due to breathing problems.

Additional information on CPR can be found at <> .

The Strongest Material in the World | Science & Tech – BabaMail


Graphene – This newly-discovered form of carbon is the next big technological revolution. It’s flexible, yet harder than diamonds, while also being thinner than paper. What’s more is that it can conduct electricity better than almost anything known to man. But the really amazing thing is you have probably held it in your hands before, and didn’t even know it. By using graphene, engineers have been able to make new kinds of electronics that never break or shatter when dropped and computers that are lighter, thinner and cheaper than anything that came before them.

Source: The Strongest Material in the World | Science & Tech – BabaMail

Inspiring – Spirituality – BabaMail

So rarely do we get a chance to repay a kindness. See if you can watch this and feel what I feel. -keith

Be prepared: This inspiring Thai commercial may give you goose bumps.

Source: Inspiring Advert | Spirituality – BabaMail

Amazing Grace, David Döring, Panflöte in den Bergen, Panflute – YouTube

To take what is one of the most beautiful songs ever heard, play it on a unique instrument, and give it a setting in the mountains to show just a little bit of what GOD has created is just incredibly beautiful. Hope you enjoy it.

Source: Amazing Grace, David Döring, Panflöte in den Bergen, Panflute – YouTube

This Is The Easiest Way To Escape A Sinking Vehicle. Knowing HOW Might Save Your Life Some Day | Globe Today

FIRST – stay away from water. Next know what to do. Buy hammer

and see this Video.Source: This Is The Easiest Way To Escape A Sinking Vehicle. Knowing HOW Might Save Your Life Some Day | Globe Today

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