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This is one of the palces we visted on our Uncruise adventure in may 2015. -keith —– https://www.un-cruise.com/destinations/pacific-northwest-cruises

Princess Louisa Inlet It’s hard for anyone not to be awed and stumble for words in the presence of royalty. And stunning Princess Louisa Inlet, stretching north from Jervis Inlet, is just that sort of crown jewel. Quickly beloved by those who visit, the inlet is affectionately called simply, The Princess. The native Sechelt tribe called the inlet Suivoolot, meaning “sunny and warm”, and those characteristics are just two of the Princess’s many charms. Visiting the Princess is an unforgettable experience—and she’ll take your breath away. The Sechelt lived around the inlet for hundreds of years sustaining their people within the abundant marine and old-growth forest environments. Captain George Vancouver was the first European to come across the mouth of Princess Louisa, though he did not enter the inlet; Captain George Richards was the first European to map the inlet in the 1860s. In 1919, Fred “Mac” MacDonald purchased a 45 acre parcel—his homestead would later become the backbone of the present-day provincial park. Mac believed it was his duty to be steward of his beautiful inlet and he charismatically shared the Princess’s stories with all who came to visit. He donated his property to a land trust in the 1950s and it became an official provincial park in the 1960s. The Princess by the numbers is as astounding as her history. At over 300 feet deep, the inlet stretches 4.1 nautical miles from Malibu Rapids to Chatterbox Falls. Enclosed by steep walls that reach to heights over 7,000 feet and are only ½ mile wide at the widest, the Princess is the only true example of a fjordland in the Pacific Northwest. While protected at the mouth by the Malibu Rapids, the inlet is very calm with only the most minute currents. A true gem, in the springtime when snowmelt is at its peak, the Princess literally shimmers. Over 60 waterfalls cascade down her steep walls, sparkling like diamonds. At the head of the inlet, year-round Chatterbox Falls drops 120 dramatic feet. Massive, towering emerald-green Douglass firs reach over 100 feet skyward, from along the edge of the Princess’s deep sapphire-blue water to the base of her fjord walls. Even at night, the Princess reveals riches—bioluminescence glitters in the wake of boats and sea lions, alike. Experience the Princess yourself, by kayak, paddle board, and hike on our British Columbia’s Yachters’ Paradise voyages! Here’s a peek at the adventures in store aboard our 22-guest boutique yacht.

Source: 2015 Endless Discoveries Newsletter

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