7 Biggest Fears About Senior Living

We break down the seven biggest fears about senior living and share why there’s nothing to be worried about. A Place from Mom. —–>

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1. I Will Lose My Independence

2. People Will Forget About Me

3. I Will Get Old and Sick Faster

4. I’ll Be Bored

5. I’ll Drain All Of My Finances

6. I’m Afraid that Strangers Won’t Take Good Care of Me

7. I Won’t Be Able to Control My Daily Activities and Life

Source: 7 Biggest Fears About Senior Living

The Biggest Fears About Senior Living

In recent years, baby boomers have reinvented what senior living really means. There is a wide range of types of state-of-the-art senior housing, from independent living for active adults to assisted living for those who need day-to-day help.

All options aim to provide seniors with a lifestyle tailored to their individual interests and needs, while also offering the necessary care to remain mentally, physically and socially healthy.

If you or your loved one is worried about moving into senior housing, read on for answers to seven of the most common fears about senior living:

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Sarah J. Stevenson is a writer, artist, editor and graphic designer living in Northern California. Her visual art has been exhibited around California, and her writing has appeared in a variety of web sites and print publications. In addition to writing about older adults, she also writes for younger ones–her first novel for young adults, THE LATTE REBELLION, was published in 2011 by Flux. For more information, please visit: http://www.sarahjamilastevenson.comView .


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