Gathering Place Administrator Michael Ryan Fund raiser

Help us please to raise funds for Michael Ryan, Administrator at The Gathering Place.  His devotion to feeding the needy is exceptional when he could have chosen higher paying jobs. Now it is our time to help. Michael has been battling a rare form of cancer —->

Source: Michael Ryan Medical Fund by Roger Moody – GoFundMe

Michael Ryan Medical Fund
Michael Ryan is the Administrator of the Lincoln Community Action soup kitchen known as The Gathering Place at 14th & E streets in Lincoln. Michael has been battling a rare form of cancer known as differentiated osteosarcoma common in only 1% of all cancer patients in the world. Last May, cancer moved into his hip bone and top of femur. Michael has been battling these various cancers for the past 17 years. He learned earlier this year that the cancer had metastasized in his lungs where several tumors formed. He has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments at UN Med Center in Omaha since February of this year with some positive results.
Obviously it is expensive to go back and forth to Omaha for regular treatments. Expenses not covered by insurance plus expenses related to his family staying in Omaha during the treatments add up. We have established the Michael Ryan Medical Fund to help him and his family meet those expenses.
A small donation of any amount will help defray the Ryan family’s expenses and allow them to focus on Michael’s care and speedy recovery.

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