Community Crops – Veggie Van

Thanks to funding from the Community Health Endowment, Crops is launching a new mobile farmer’s market project, called the Veggie Van, that will bring fresh, local produce to the new Health 360 clinic every week. Located at 23rd and O streets, Health 360 is an integrated clinic that offers comprehensive medical services to Lincoln’s most vulnerable residents. Operated by Lutheran Family Services and the People’s Health Center, Health 360 is filling a huge gap in medical service in Lincoln.

Each week, Crops will bring the Veggie Van to Health 360 and offer fresh produce from our training farm on the edge of town. To ensure access and affordability, we will accept SNAP/EBT cards and will use grant funds to double these customers purchases. For example, if a customer has $20 worth of produce but pays with SNAP, they will only be charged $10. As a non-profit leveraging grant funding, Crops is working to make sure everyone can enjoy the amazing food being grown right here in Lincoln.  Learn more or contact Community Crops.

Source: Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln – July 2016 Partner Highlight: Community Crops

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