A Grandpa’s Hobby Creating Wooden Models

I see something like this, I stand amazed. He must have one awesome shop. He could never get paid for the time and money he has invested in these “grown-up” toys. I think he was once in the construction business. Anyway, awesome….His Grandfather’s Hobby Should Be Displayed In A Hobby Shop.

Source: Amazing Skill – Google Groups

Here are the notes. Please click to  see the images.

  1. All of these machines were crafted by hand with lathes and simple wood working tools.
  2. A lot of them are construction related.
    Look at the level of detail on that engine!
  3. They look like they could be working models, don’t they?
  4. Can you image the amount of time spent crafting these tiny gears.
  5. Inside one of the model work stations, he even put a radio and television set.
  6. The golf clubs are absolutely perfect.
  7. I love the label stickers and the mud flaps on this one.

It was very recently that his grandson and his grandson’s friend decided to photograph and share these creations with the rest of the world.


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