5 Activities for Grandparents and Teens


Grandparents and young adults can use summer vacation to bridge the generation gap and take a break from technology.

Learn more from Holiday Retirement, who shares 5 activities that grandparents and teens can take advantage of this summer.

Activities for Grandparents and Teens – These five fun, cross-generational activities will help young and older adults alike unplug and connect:

1. Save the World – Volunteering builds character, self-esteem, and compassion. Find a volunteer opportunity

2. Learn a New Hobby – Is grandma a gourmet chef? Does grandpa enjoy woodworking?

3. Get Fit – Encourage your young adult to become his or her grandparent’s workout buddy. 

4. Share Stories – (…) when seniors and young adults share stories, something magical happens. Storytelling cultivates creativity and a sense of connectedness.

5. Use Technology Together – spend some time teaching grandma and grandpa how to communicate via text, online chat, or video chat.

Full story at  –  5 Activities for Grandparents and Teens.

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