Bust Seniors’ Holiday Stress: 4 Tips | Caregiver Stress

Here are four types of holiday stress seniors might have to cope with—and what you can do to help. Please read the full article. Outline is below the link.

Source: Bust Seniors’ Holiday Stress: 4 Tips | Caregiver Stress

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November 30, 2015

Holiday-related stress may look different seniors than it does to caregivers. Seniors (…) may feel sadness or anxiety— two emotions that can prevent them from feeling happy during the holidays.

The good news is you may be able to minimize these stressors

1.    Grief – To help a senior family member cope with holiday grief that involves the loss of a spouse, consider talking about it.

2.    Dietary Concerns – You can help relieve this anxiety by asking about the senior’s dietary requirements in advance. Find out if a senior family member must avoid certain foods, or if he or she will need a selection of soft foods like mashed potatoes.

3.    Mobility Concerns – Work together to formulate a plan that (…) enables the senior to enjoy the activity instead of worrying about whether or not his or her legs will hold up.

4.    End-of-Life Thoughts – They may wonder if this will be “the last” holiday for them.
Talking about death is hard, and you may not want to come right out and ask a senior loved one if he or she is feeling this way. Instead, you can ask them what you can do to make the holiday as special as possible for them.




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