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How Can I Plan for the Unthinkable? – Whether planning for a vacation, the holidays or even your retirement, we all know the importance of thinking ahead. But have you ever thought about planning for your health future? Spending some time thinking about your advanced directives can help you lead the life you want throughout your healthcare journey. Experts encourage all adults to draft and frequently review their advanced directives, legal documents that lay out action steps if a health crisis occurs.

·         Living wills – documents that outline the type of care you’d like to receive in your end-of-life journey. Through living wills, you can make decisions about resuscitation options, health care interventions and organ donations.

·         Healthcare powers of attorneys – this document allows you name an individual or individuals who will be authorized to make decisions on your behalf. Oftentimes these are family members, but they don’t have to be. Friends or professionals can act as your power of attorney.

Can a Healthy Diet Prevent Memory Loss? There’s no cure for memory loss, but some studies show that lifestyle changes may help keep your memory sharp. More research is needed, but consider increasing or adding the following foods for a brain-healthy diet:

·         Beans – one study showed that high levels vitamins B-6 and B-12 are linked to lower levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

·         Oranges – some studies show vitamin C can have a protective effect for the brain and dissolve toxic plaques that are found in individuals with memory loss.

·         Almonds – vitamin E which promotes healthy blood flow, especially to the brain.

·         Fish –scientists have found people with low levels of omega-3 had more brain shrinkage and poor performance on memory tests.

·         Spinach – this leafy green is packed with more than 15 antioxidants that have been show in studies to inhibit the formation of plaques that build up in those with Alzheimer’s disease.

This proactive aging tip is brought to you by Tabitha, your answer for Elder Care in 28 southeast Nebraska counties. Questions about aging? Visit us at, or call 402.486.8520, 800.418.9335.

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