10 Ways to Go Green like Our Grandparents

It’s National Recycling Week, and November 15 marks America Recycles Day. Learn more on how “gray” is the new “green” and what we can learn from our grandparents on how to be more environmentally conscious. When we think of “green living,” the image that most often comes to mind is a stereotypical flowerchild of the ’60s or a preachy environmental activist. What most people don’t realize is that our grandparents were reusing, reducing and recycling long before the “green movement.” Some of what my grandparents did during the depression and WWII is no longer practical, but we can learn from, adapt and use much of what they did every day to what we do today. Learn more about how you can live more green starting on America Recycles Day.

via 10 Ways to Go Green like Our Grandparents.

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